Guess who's going back to school!

Photo 2013-04-10 1 56 04 PMYes!!! Last night just before going to bed, I got an e-mail from StudentAid BC about my student loans being approved. I was super super excited (yeah, who gets excited for debts?) because that means I finally get to go back to school!

After graduating highschool back in 2011, I didn’t take a gap year or so, I went straight to KPU for Marketing Management. Halfway through the year, I realized I don’t like Marketing so I switched over to Human Resources. But, I royally messed up my GPA and courses because of personal problems so I actually failed a few courses, putting me on academic probation. That was a wake up call and decided to work my ass off. I got my GPA back in the green zone but I still wasn’t happy with KPU because I realized that I had to repeat some courses.

I was reading an online magazine/news site about Vancouver and they had a blog post about a new campus being opened in Surrey. Curious, I checked it and found out about BC. I usually tend to stay away from private institution because they cost a lot and right now I split my tuition in half with my mom (she doesn’t believe in getting student loans).

I pushed it aside and looked into other universities that offered Human Resources (let me tell you… not many across Canada offers HR!) but BC was always on the back of my mind. So I fired an e-mail to them and arranged to meet up with one of the advisers  She told me the benefits of BC, the tuition cost and more about the HR business. Because it was so expensive, I had to get a student loan so I told my mom that this time around, I want to pay for my own education (because back at KPU, when I failed the courses, I felt bad for wasting my mom’s money).

So, after being accepted into BC’s HR program – it’s an 80 weeks program with 4 months of paid co-op experience! I’ll be out with a degree two days before my 21st birthday… talk about celebrating! I’m excited because I feel like this private college is a step towards my future instead of slaving away at KPU. I have a friend that student flight attendant at Eton College and at the age of 19, she’s already a flight attendant.

My dream job is to be a director of human resources, and I know I can achieve that if I start young and filled with ambitions. I believe stumbling across this school and being approved for a student loan is God’s way of blessing me and giving me another chance to get a HR degree.

I start on April 15th and I honestly cannot wait!!! 😀

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