Wrapping up my first three weeks at Brighton!

If you remember my post from a few weeks ago, I went back to school! Before you say anything, I know a lot of people don’t recommend sharing where you go to school but I figured, you’re going to find out eventually from my tweets, photos perhaps, or anything I share via social media… and, honestly, it’s just a school. I have enough street intelligent to know if anyone is bothering me. 
(Why do I always sound so rude? …)
Anyways, needless to say, this is probably the first time I felt happy to get up early and get to school. I love my school and time spent at Brighton College (and this is saying a lot since I’ve only been there for about three weeks). My campus is beautiful, so, so beautiful and modern. 
Because the scheduling is a bit different than most post-secondaries, this first three weeks I’m wrapping up my first credited course towards my degree. Organizational Behaviour. 
I loved OB, and it had to do a lot with the professor teaching it. She was incredibly nice, helpful, and an extremely well prof. Thanks to her, I look forward to attending class each morning, and I actually learn things when I’m in class! It’s probably the way she teaches – something about it that I love, and it works for me. Back when I was at Kwantlen, I didn’t like the professors that much and had a hard time retaining what I learned in class.

Class size wise, I love the small class sizes. I’ve sat down in big lecture halls before and realized it’s really not my thing – I get distracted too easily because of the fact that the professor can’t see me, or even knows about me, and the other hundreds of students doing their own things. The small classroom sizes made my learning so much more personal for me.

And, despite my attitude on not getting along well with other students, I think in the long run, it would benefit relationships too. When it comes to school, I like to keep to myself and focus on the course but I know that being in a small environment and being with the same people for 3 weeks builds good relationships.

I’ll be sad that OB is ending but at the same time, I’m getting excited for my next course – Global Marketing.

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