FlyOver Canada and Happy Canada Day!


Today, Canada turns 146 years old… I love you Canada..

How am I celebrating Canada Day?

I’m staying in bed because to my luck, I’ve managed to get a nasty cold and minor fever and sore throat over the weekend.

However, despite my bad cold, on Saturday, I went to experience the FlyOver Canada attraction with my boyfriend. For those who aren’t aware of the attraction, it’s a new ride in Canada Place that “flies” you across Canada.
Photo 2013-07-01 1 23 35 PM
I’ve never been across Canada but my boyfriend has. “Flying” over the beautiful country was so breathtaking. It was sort of like a 4D experience too since the atmosphere changed when we were in the mountains and we felt little water sprays when we flew across the lakes/oceans.
Even if you’ve been to parts of Canada, nothing compares to flying over it. For example, I’ve been around the Rocky Mountains but flying over it was a different view and experience. Flying over the prairies, lakes, oceans and even up North was beautiful. And of course, the major cities like Toronto were shown too. The flight ends back in Vancouver and trust me, it’s even more beautiful than the helicopter choppers the news channel captures.
If you’re ever in Vancouver while this adventure is still on, I recommend you experience it. Such a beautiful and breathtaking experience, seeing Canada from a different perspective. Since it just opened up and word of mouth is spreading it, I recommend it going a bit later when the sun isn’t burning (the ride closes at 9PM).

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