Maybelline’s Baby Lips vs Burt’s Bees

I’m usually not really a big fan of chapsticks because they leave this weird white things between my lips and because I don’t carry a mirror with me, I look disgusting for the majority of the day until I know I have the while film thing on my lips.

However, I have read up on that and used chapsticks before I go to sleep and usually when I’m at home. I also don’t lick my lips as much which helped a lot too.
Anywho, I’ve used Maybelline’s Baby Lips in peppermint after seeing the commercial of ‘renewing’ your lips after a week… my first impressions?

  • Nice taste. It’s pepperminty but it’s not so strong that it changes the flavour of drinks, etc. and it fades away quickly (something that I like)
  • Doesn’t leave lips extremely shiny.
  • It has a… ‘matte’ feeling to it. Nothing gooey or sticky or slimy, etc.
  • Results? I believe it when they told me I can get baby-like lips in a week… haha. Been applying it nonstop.

However, my boyfriend loves using Burt’s Bees and I’ve tried it before but I never really enjoyed it. I hate the taste of it, even if it’s a flavoured one. I also noticed that whenever I wear Burt’s Bees I can taste it in my drinks (ewww!) and to prove my point, I took a sip out of my boyfriend’s water bottle and I tasted the Burt’s Bees mixed in the water (or around the top rim, I guess). It also makes the lips really shiny. But, judging from my boyfriend’s lips, Burt’s Bees does its job in hydrating and nourishing the lips. If anything, the results are exactly the same as the Baby Lips.

So, yes, I do choose Baby Lips over the famous Burt’s Bee because I love the not-so-strong sent and flavour, and the matte feeling of the chapstick. Since I do have a stick of Burt’s Bee in peppermint, I am willing to give it another shot.

After resorting to Burt’s Bee after my Baby Lips has ran out… I’m sorry to say, I do prefer Burt’s Bee better. I find that Burt’s Bee hydrates much better and leaves no “white film” residue behind line Baby Lips did. Burt’s Bee also has the matte finishing, no shininess and while it hydrates a lot, it doesn’t stick to my lips. I picked up the peppermint flavour and despite my previous claims, I did not smell or taste the flavour. My boyfriend had the Grapefruit flavour (… no comment on that, it’s horrible) which did have a strong smell and taste to it.  So, it depends on the flavour you choose.

But yes, nonetheless, Burt’s Bee won me over. I will no longer be purchasing Baby Lips anymore.

*Disclaimer: This is not a paid review. The opinions
written above is based on my own experiences provided by my own money. I
am no way affiliated with the company in any way.

7 thoughts on “Maybelline’s Baby Lips vs Burt’s Bees

  1. I love maybellines baby lips. Its quite expensive here in Australia, like not expensive expensive, but like more than what you'd pay for chapstick. So being too lazy to get my hands on it, my aunt got me one from the states. I like the semi-colour it gives. And it is nice and smooth.


  2. I don't lick my lips as much and every time I tell myself that "okay, this is your nth chapstick ever but this time, you'll use it regularly" I end up ditching the lip balm…ugh… I'm always lazy to use lip balm, like they make my lips feel all colorless yet weird. (don't know I can bear with lipgloss though…maybe because i see it as a sacrifice lol sticky yeah but it changes your lip color so..) I've been thinking of trying maybelline's baby lips but yeah, I'm conflicted because sticky lip balms make me feel uneasy. so thank you for reviewing it! I have no idea about burts bees though because it's not available in this part of asia..nonetheless, after reading this, I think I might give maybelline's lipbalm a try 8D


  3. Baby lips happens to make my lips dried. it contains alcohol & lead which is not good for you. Burt's Bee's moisturizes better. You shouldn't be tasting lip balm anyways, especially if it's a Maybelline brand. Maybelline shouldn't be considered a lip balm.


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