Have you ever Googled yourself?

This has always been a heated topic when it comes to the internet and sharing ourselves. Today, while I reading on Mashable, I came across their article titled “Erase Yourself From the Internet With JustDelete.me“.
And while I skimmed through the new site, I thought about all the social networks I’ve signed up to and left alone. And then I thought about how my “public” image may look to potential employers (and to be honest, I think a few of them Googled me and refused to call me back due to my Twitter account…am I being paranoid?)
I Googled myself with my full name first and lucky me, I have a very famous LA doctor that takes up more than 10 pages of the results. I then proceeded to adding Vancouver at the end to narrow down the search results. I found search results to my old Flickr account (my account’s been deleted but the links still show up as a 404 Flickr error), an old blog that’s been deleted and shows a 404 page, my limited LinkedIn profile (which is fine), and to my surprise, my public Twitter account. 
It has never been on the search results so I didn’t put much thought to it until now. I couldn’t think of a new username so I decided to protect my tweets instead which disappointed me at first… but until I can think of another username, it’ll be private. I do rant a lot, so it’s for the best 😛
I also used 3rd party search websites and found my Pinterest account but I only pin fashion, beauty, decor, etc. so I’m not too concerned about that. 
I did however used JustDelete.me for my Vine and deviantART account. Other than that, my “public” image is safe.. to my best ability of searching myself, haha.
And for those who are wondering about Facebook and this blog… well, when I first made this blog, I tried my best not to put too much information out so my blog will not come up on searches. My Facebook account is heavily protected with a ‘company approved’ profile picture.
Has it been a while since you Googled yourself? Have you ever Googled yourself? Give it a shot and readjust your public image if you’re concerned.

5 thoughts on “Have you ever Googled yourself?

  1. I used to Google myself a lot, and now I just do it ever so often. My name is really common. :xI, unfortunately, lack access to a lot of the accounts on social media I had. But I like this; it seems cool.


  2. yes and apparently i'm a tennis playing cinematographer that sells couches in my free time.huzzah for being from vancouver. i hope you're rocking my city since i can't (currently living in toronto until i can find my way home)jennA Beautiful Zen


  3. Lol I tried googling myself once just to laugh at myself because I was like, "pssh google won't even notice me, i'm not internet famous anyway" and well yeah, of course, I wasn't. I don't remember what the searches revealed but I'm sure they weren't my social media accounts, etc since I never really used real name before haha as long as it's nothing embarrassing then well, i'm sorta cool with it now. 😛


  4. I just Googled myself. I have a double-bareled surname, one of which is really common and the other part is all historical… anyway, I just got stuff on my school website and then "other suggested searches" 'cause my name's so weird. (Y)Then I searched "Georgia Kate" and got a load of models. Um. Well, that's not me, haha.Justdelete.me looks cool, I might use it to get rid of really, really old social networks I have… they don't come up because I used weird usernames.Take care! xx


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