Do you even Instagram?

September is almost over. Let’s have a monthly review via Instagram photos (and videos!).

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Image heavy, beware!

I kicked off the month with visiting my local summer fair with my boyfriend. We caught the rehearsal of Canada’s RCMP musical ride at PNE. I also caught Super Dogs for the first time!

Can you believe I gotta wear a jacket in the first few days of September?!
At one point, I was tempted to get this shirt. It’s still on my wishlist.
One of my bestie’s 20th birthday was in September!
My mommy bought me a $400 leather jacket from Danier! Wooo!
With the birthday girl, Regine at Library Square!
After a night of partying… my poor feet is covered with blisters.


Oh yeah, my boyfriend and I caught The Weeknd! He kicked off his Kissland 2013 tour in Vancouver!
Oh yeah…

I was too into the music instead of taking pictures.

I also surprised my boyfriend with tickets to a Canucks game!
Remember my job at Target? I had to give it up because they can’t work with my school schedule 😦
I’m going to throw in a selfie… because I can.
Saw the cutest mug ever during break from class!
Ugh, how can anyone study accounting?!
This is Summer. She’s grumpy because we didn’t give her a lunch. She’s fat.

Timmy’s at YVR. My auntie is visiting Canada for the first time from Venezuela!

I got rid of my dead ends… finally!
Today, I finished my accounting final exam. I think I did well.


This was from this morning. Summer is modelling her rain coat. She will be famous.
And that wraps up my September (plus a few hectic things I missed on camera!). Teehee, shameless self promo buuuut… follow me on Instagram! 😀

3 thoughts on “Do you even Instagram?

  1. There is something great about having instagram, and not having to carry my dSLR around in my bag on everyday things. Little moments are captured and then its nice to reflect back them afterwards.


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