My adventures with liquid eyeliners (with mini product reviews)

Photo 9-29-2013, 4 45 47 PM
L-R: Ever Bilena (Filipino brand) / Revlon / Landbis (Japanese brand) / e.l.f.

Look, can you believe I’m actually doing a blog post about make-up and beauty?! In case you haven’t picked it up from my previous beauty posts or introductions, I was a late bloomer with make-up and since I didn’t have anyone to officially teach me how to wear make-up… I’m not a big fan of make-up and my ‘daily look’ literally consists of eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick/lipgloss. Some days, I’ll throw on blush or just one shade of eyeshadow… yes, one shade because I don’t know about brow bones and don’t know how to blend.

I don’t even think I’m using my products properly, haha. But that’s alright, in the end, I look decent enough to go outside and my boyfriend doesn’t even know I don’t know anything about make up.

Anyways, last night I bought the Revlon Colour Stay liquid eyeliner pen and I’m super excited to use it tomorrow to start off the week. It’s my first Revlon product I’ve purchase and the first time I spent more than a $3 on an eyeliner (and Revlon was on sale too!). Because of the purchase, I’ve decided to come up with this entry.

My history with eyeliners were horrible. Back in high school, I used pencil eyeliners and because I didn’t know how to put it on… I covered my eyelid with the entire thing and by the end of school hours, it was smudged. I eventually learned to just line my eyes but the pencil will still smudge whenever I blink. Eventually, I purchased a liquid eyeliner from a local Daiso (a Japanese $2 store) store. From then on, my eyelining skills have improved a lot and I cannot complete a look without it.

Ever Bilena liquid eyeliner: This was the first liquid eyeliner I’ve ever purchased and it was only $2 from my local Daiso store. I didn’t want to spend $7-10 on a product I wasn’t sure I could use. I don’t tell people I purchased it from Daiso (and don’t worry, it’s a reliable place to make up products) because I don’t want to get lectured about purchasing bad make up products. In honesty, from the moment I opened it til the moment I finished the bottle, it has done me no harm. I love this product because the brush was thick so it wouldn’t bend when I started to apply the eyeliner, but at the same time it didn’t give me extremely thick lines. The liquid was extremely dark, dried quickly and never smudged no matter how long I wore it for and how much I rubbed my eyes. It was water resistant too! Score: 5/5 – as a beginner, the product was extremely easy to use/apply and it was cheap too!

Revlon Colour Stay Liquid Eyeliner Pen: LOVE LOVE LOVE! Super dark and slides on smoothly. The point is a bit sharp when I want to do finer detailing but otherwise, a switch to a pen liquid liner is definitely the best choice I’ve made.

Landis Eyeliner Pen: I purchased it under the impression it was a liquid eyeliner as the description said. When I finally came around to using it, it turned out to be an extremely dull pencil liner that looks like liquid. I was satisfied that it didn’t smudge compared to all the other pencils I’ve used BUT then again, it wasn’t as dark as my previous pencils. Score: 0/5 – liquid or pencil, it’s extremely dull.

e.l.f. liquid eyeliner: We don’t have e.l.f. here in Canada so I purchased this in America for $1 (?!?!?!) after hearing so many positive reviews about e.l.f.. I was extremely excited to finally getting around to using it but ended up extremely disappointed. The brush was so thin, it had no strength. As soon as I started applying the liner, the brush bends instantly in whatever direction it wants and doesn’t glide smoothly. The brush was so thin and flimsy, it made it extremely messy and uncomfortable to use. However, the liquid was smooth, dark and dried quickly. For a dollar, I’m not complaining it as a waste of money, but I guess I expected more. Score: 1/5 – cheap and the liquid was nice but the brush was too thin and flimsy. 

And that concludes my small history of liquid eyeliners. Do you guys have a favourite liquid eyeliner to recommend me? What was your adventures with eyeliners like? Let me know!

*Disclaimer: This is not a paid review. The opinions
written above is based on my own experiences provided by my own money. I
am no way affiliated with the company in any way.

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