Beauty How-To: DIY Oil Blotting Sheets

I used to buy oil blotting sheets and at the price they’re priced at, and me being a broke university student, I figured it’s not worth spending $8-12 on sheets just to get rid of my oil when I’m on the go.

Luckily, my face doesn’t get oily that much so even if I were to fork out $12, it’ll last me a while.

However, for $1 from my local dollar store, I can have a lifetime of oil blotting sheets! … okay, maybe not a lifetime but at the rate I use my oil sheets, one purchase from the dollar store can easily last me more than a year.

A lot of people don’t know that oil sheets are the easiest DIY project… and trust me, as someone who can’t do DIY projects, this is the EASIEST!

PS: You can put these in a zip lock bag or even a small plastic container (just cut to the appropriate size) and you can bring these sheets on the go!
Photo 10-27-2013, 4 02 35 PM
Yes, you can even use Victoria’s Secret’s wrapping papers!

Sometimes you can’t see the oil the tissue paper has absorbed but once you touch your wiped area, you’ll noticed instantly there’s no oil on your skin.

Enjoy your $1 sheets!

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