Beauty talk – eyebrows grooming!


Yes… I am actually using a Sims model.

Let me tell you a little story about my eyebrows.

Growing up, I never thought of eyebrows as a beauty feature on the face. I don’t think I even gave a poop about eyebrows – to me, they were just there. Somewhere in 5th grade, I fell in love with Kelly Clarkson’s and Lindsay Lohan’s eyebrows. They were perfectly thin (but not too thin) and dark. I inherited my dad’s eyebrows – thick and bushy; by the time I was in 6th grade, it was clear that I had a slight unibrow (or at least to my knowledge. I do remember in 3rd grade an older girl said I had “one eyebrow” and I didn’t understand what she meant).

I remember in 6th grade (or 5th grade, I forgot), I overplucked them. Picture short, thick and unshaped eyebrows. Literally, they didn’t meet with the end corners of my eyes. They were extremely short. Embarrassed by them, I swore I wouldn’t touch them in ages.

By the time 7th grade rolled around and graduation came, my mum plucked the middle of my eyebrows and I was unibrow free! They were still bushy but they weren’t short.

It was in the early years of high school when I first started grooming my eyebrows. To this day, my method hasn’t changed – I get them threaded once every few months or so and in between my threading sessions, I’ll maintain them by plucking.

Nowadays, I’m extremely conscious about my eyebrows. They have to be groomed or I’ll feel like everyone is staring at me for having big bushy eyebrows.

If you’re like me, there are many ways to groom your eyebrows:

Threading: My favourite and only method to groom and shape my eyebrows. Threading is a traditional Indian-styled way to removing hair. They just use cotton threads and their body to guide the threads to areas that needs removal. It removes the hairs right out of the hair follicle which results can last up to 2 1/2 to 3 months (depending on how fast your hair grows). It’s more precise than waxing, and possible even less painful than waxing. It’s not messy and can be done in 5 minutes. Locally, I pay only $5 (I’ve heard in a few cities, it’s about $7-$8) but threading is still cheaper than waxing.

Waxing: This is a very common method and a lot of first time groomers will resort to waxing. Eyebrow waxing prices ranges from places to place but from what I’ve seen, average price is probably about $15. Waxing isn’t as precise as threading or plucking however the results can last your months. This method can tend to be messy too and even unsanitary if the salon isn’t high quality. However, the biggest downside to waxing (aside from the pricey visits), is the high possibility of your skin sagging from all the stretching. Also, if your stylist isn’t skilled in waxing, they can also be taking off bits of skin. My best friend’s sister got her eyebrows waxed one time and the stylist ended up ripping off some of her skin.

Laser: I have yet to do laser hair removal or even consider it since it’s the priciest of them all. However, I would be extremely uncomfortable to have such a powerful laser near my eyes. The results are permanent but it may require multiple visits and a few hundreds dollars (per visit).

Plucking: This is everyone’s go-to method. I only pluck AFTER I get my eyebrows shaped. If little hairs start growing, I’ll just pluck them away at home. I know very few people that groom their eyebrows by plucking because it takes massive skills (in my opinion) to carefully shape your eyebrows and not mess up. I highly recommend getting it done professionally and then maintaining them at home and following the shape your stylist has done.

DIY: Of course, there’s also DIY. These kits are available in drugstores and beauty stores and it’s pretty much like waxing but they also provide eyebrows shapes stencils/templates. Each brand has a different way of using their kit, but it’s along the lines of placing the stencils onto your eyebrows, and using a white coloured pencil (some kits provide powder instead), trace the stencil. Then, after preparing the wax, place the strips outside of the stencil drawing and wax the excess hair off. I would recommend a second pair of hands to help if you consider doing DIY.


  • To save money, instead of getting it done every month or so, maintain them at home.
  • Always ask the stylist to shape your eyebrows to a ‘natural’ shape. From there, you can decide if you want them thinner or let them grow a bit and get a thicker shape.
  • If you’re scared of the pain, take some painkillers before your appointment.
  • Get inspired by celebrities’ eyebrows. Even show your stylist a picture and he/she can determine if that shape suits you.
  • Pluck after a warm shower. It opens up your pores and reduces the discomfort of plucking hair from the roots.
  • DON’T SHAVE YOUR EYEBROWS! I had a friend back in high school that decided to shave her eyebrows she couldn’t control how/where she wanted to remove the hair. She underestimated the razor’s positioning and ended up shaving more than she wanted. Also, according to her experience, it left an odd, dry, and uncomfortable feeling after shaving and when the hair started growing back.

I’m blessed with dark (and thick) eyebrows according to my stylist – she told me a lot of her customers wants dark and thick eyebrows. I just see it as I don’t have to fill in my eyebrows every morning like most girls I know 😛

How do you take care of your eyebrows? Have any tips to share for first-timers out there?

4 thoughts on “Beauty talk – eyebrows grooming!

  1. These are some great tips! I've only ever had my eyebrows shaped and maintained them myself, but after hearing about threading I really want to try it. I have the opposite of your problem, as I think my brows look incomplete if I don't fill them in now!


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