For the first time, I went to the movies… alone!

Last month was the start of a living nightmare for me. To this day I am still not in the right mind frame to go about life like I used to. A lot of personal things has happened to the point where I feel like I just want to give up. That’s why I’ve been absent for weeks on pretty much every social media account. Just a few days ago, I started using Instagram and two days ago, just reactivated my Facebook.

Anyways, to get myself feeling better (hopefully), I went to watch The Hunger Games: Catching Fire today. On Tuesday is half off movie tickets and if you’re a Scene member (loyalty program), you save 10% on the already low Tuesday prices.

The only difference was, I went alone.

For a long time, I’ve never had the guts to go to a movie theatre alone. I thought of it as a social activity (when in reality, it’s not really…) and I just felt like people would judge me. I mean, I’m not going to lie, a few times I’ve seen solo movie goers, I sort of felt pity for them.

Photo 12-10-2013, 5 02 34 PMI know about only one person that goes to movies alone when he can’t find anyone to go with. My brother goes to movies alone and when I first found out he did that, I felt this… jealousy towards him. My own brother is brave enough to go the movies alone and I’m sitting at home, fearing people would judge me.

I started Googling online and stumbled on Reddit and discovered that a lot of people go to the movies alone (even ones in relationships!) and said it’s just like any other movie experience. They listed pros and a few tips of going alone but I slowly started to realize that going to the movies alone isn’t a bad or weird thing.

Last night, I worked up the courage and decided to watch Catching Fire alone. Given my current mental state, I wasn’t in the mood to see any of my friends AND most of them has already seen it when it was released.

Today, I picked out the earliest show time (12:25PM) and to my surprise, there were more solo movie watchers than there were of pairs. I didn’t feel alone. I thought that, well… it is 12PM, most of these people want to avoid the evening show times (Tuesdays are PACKED since tickets are 50% off). For me, I chose the 12PM showtime because I know not many people are going to be there AND I wasn’t going to see anyone I know. I feel sort of like… a little wimp because my brother has the guts to go to an open night movie release and I chose the earliest time to avoid the crowd.

However, I thought, at least I got the guts to watched it alone. I didn’t feel awkward or embarrassed as I thought I would be. I enjoyed the movie, even laughed at a few scenes. The best part is probably having two empty seats beside me to put my bag and jacket on.

Would I ever watch a movie during rush hours? Possibly. I only went this early because I can. On any other Tuesdays, I’ll be at work or school during lunch time.

But, I would go to the movies alone if I wanted to catch something. This first time experience was great for me in many ways – I got some more alone time, I felt like I was treating myself, and I finally got to see Catching Fire! There are many more movies I’m itching to catch soon and the best part is that I finally worked up the courage to see them alone.

Do you go the movies alone? If not, do you plan to anytime soon? What’s your thoughts on solo movie goers?

3 thoughts on “For the first time, I went to the movies… alone!

  1. I've never been to the movies alone, but I feel like those who do are strong and independent..Good for you! Plus, movie-going doesn't really require you to interact or engage with anyone anyways!


  2. Kudos to you! I've never been to the movies alone mainly for the reasons you mentioned, but I've considered it a lot. I like being alone but I think I'd feel way too self-conscious, which is kind of silly considering I never bat an eyelid at other solo movie-goers!


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