Product Review: Nivea Sheer Comfort Deodorant

Photo 12-17-2013, 7 26 27 PM

Two of Nivea’s deodorants: (L) 24hrs Sheer comfort and (R) 24hrs Invisible For B&W

How often do you see product reviews on deodorants? I feel like many people are shy about deodorants, and I mean, it’s usually linked to body odor so I can understand but… it’s like a daily necessity to put on (even in the winter!).

Anyways, today I’m reviewing Nivea’s deodorants. When it comes to a few products like shampoo, deodorants, body wash, etc. I don’t have a favourite brand so I tend to try something new whenever I get the chance to. The reason I picked up Nivea’s deodorants was because 1) I’m familiar with Nivea skincare products and 2) being cheap, my drugstore had a buy one, get one free promo for Nivea deodorants so I thought… why not try it? I save $4-5 in the long run!

Well… much to my dismay, the sheer comfort was a big disappointment. I hated it within the first few days of using it.

Aside from it being the “wet deodorant” (as in, it’s wet when you apply it and you have to wait for it to dry), it was FAR from 24 hours coverage AND it did not smell pleasant whatsoever.

It’s my mistake for not reading the bottom to see if the deodorant was wet or dry. However, the 24 hours coverage that Nivea promised is a lie. For example, when I put it on before leaving the house for school, by the time I got home, I can smell my body odor, and this is a total of… six hours (including commute time). And it’s not like I’m exercising for a marathon so to be able to smell my odor within 6 hours already, is just shitty quality. There are days when I will apply deodorant and not do anything but stay at home and within a few hours, there’s already a smell.

I tried many different coverage levels like 1-2 layers to 4-5 layers to see if it’ll make a difference for the smell, but it’s still the same result. And trust me, it’s not my body; I’ve used Dove and Lady Speed Stick which last me a full 24 hours, with no BO scent. Nivea, however, didn’t last me 24 hours AND it had an awful smell of the deodorant’s scent (spring fresh) mixed with body odor. It soaked through my clothes which also left a horrible smell. Compared to Dove, Dove left a smell but it left a nice flower-y scent.

Like I said, the scent of the deodorant is pleasant (the generic spring/flower scents) but it mixes up with body odor REALLY easily which is really disgusting.

The quality of the deodorant is so-so. Although it’s a wet deodorant (I’m not a fan of it), I felt like Nivea’s deodorants are much “wetter” than the usual ones. It left white marks around my armpit area that I need to wipe off before throwing my clothes on. Quality of coverage and scent is horrible as explained above.

I wouldn’t recommend purchasing Nivea Sheer Comfort Deodorant. I was so put off by the poor quality of it, I haven’t tried the B&W one. It’s a disappointment considering I enjoy the Nivea products. We all know what a deodorant is supposed do, but this particular product does the OPPOSITE.

Save your money and go with another brand.

Photo 12-17-2013, 7 26 44 PM
The one I’m currently using. THE BEST I’ve used ever!

I personally prefer Dove and Lady Speek Stick (both dry sticks). What about you?

*Disclaimer: This is not a paid review. The opinions
written above is based on my own experiences provided by my own money. I
am no way affiliated with the company in any way.

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