Any of you guys a bunny owner?

Photo 12-18-2013, 10 11 57 PM

Isn’t she adorable?! This little bunny is only 4 months old and is a lionhead mix breed. I don’t know her name but her owner Sydney is allowing me to adopt her for $40 (which includes her cage and all that!).

I’ve always wanted a bunny and finally… FINALLY, I get to own one. I’m extremely happy I got it at such a low price with everything included because when I checked out local pet stores, the rabbit is $100 AND the cage (with no accessories) is already $100. If I were to adopt from a breeder, the bunny would be $30-40 but the cage and its accessories will still rack me over $100.

I’m meeting Sydney tomorrow and picking her up tomorrow so I’ll let you guys know how my day is with her. I haven’t gotten a name figured out yet (I joked about naming my bunny Derpina) so anyone got any suggestions?

Also, any tips from any current bunny owners? My best friend raised bunnies all her life but I’m still open to other tips too!

3 thoughts on “Any of you guys a bunny owner?

  1. Aww how adorable! I'm a bunny owner but not by choice. My sister and her boyfriend brought it home and left it with us when they moved to Calgary. We just feed it and clean its cage every week. We don't have the heart to give it to the SPCA (because it'll just die there) but no one wanted to own a rabbit, except the original irresponsible owners…


  2. i had two bunnies growing up. i think changing its cage and making sure it has fresh food is key. i actually changed the cage every day because it was bigger and pooped and peed a lot. my second bunny got a little disgruntled when i was busy and couldn't change its cage. so adorable! good luck!


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