Welcome Derpina!

Welcome Derpina!

Yes, Derpina from 9gag. 

I’ve never touched a bunny in my life so to hold one for the first time was soooo sweet. I picked her up from Sydney’s (the girl I adopted Derpina from) house out in Surrey at around 5PM. As I was walking to my friend’s car, Derpina tried to escape from my arms (I nearly panicked!). I think she’s growing more accustomed to me since she doesn’t try to escape when I walk around the house with her.

Did I mention my mum didn’t know I was adopting a bunny? She called me crazy for taking in another pet. My Dad just laughed and is excited to meet Derpina soon. 

Derpina in her cage. Here’s a funny story: when Sydney said Derpina comes with a large cage, for some reason I thought it wasn’t going to be THAAAAT big. But it turns out to be one of those big 3 ft bunny cages…. boy, I was in for a surprised. And to think that I was planning to take public transit to pick up this bunny! Thank goodness for my friend to help pick her up [he ended up being about half an hour late for work too].
Body shot of Derpina. I fell in love with her colours. Can you believe she’s this big already at only 4 months?!

I’m super happy to have Derpina in my life. She’s so adorable and I can’t stop watching her, LOL. I have a lot to learn now but nonetheless, extremely thrilled and grateful to have stumbled upon her. It turned out that Sydney never had a chance to bond with the bunny so Derpina has no recollection of any previous owners, technically. 

Right now, I’m just eager to littler train Derpina and buy a few more toys for her. And hopefully switch her bedding from the shavings to blankets 🙂 

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