Five Dream Travel Destinations

I love travelling, even if it’s to another nearby city. But given my limited free time as a fulltime student and of course, the whole money issue, I know I won’t be travelling to anywhere far for a while (sad face!).

But, hopefully in the near future, I get to cross out one of my dream destinations and before I die, I hope to travel as much as I can.

Here are my top to-visit places:

Amritsar, Punjab, India


I love India and the Indian culture. There’s something about their language, dances, cooking, and culture that drew me into India. Especially the wide ranges of colours. In Canada, it’s nearly impossible to find a man wearing pink on a casual day, unless it’s to raise awareness. In India, colours hold no social labels.

United Kingdom

Growing up, I was considered an ‘Anglophile’ and even considered studying in Manchester if my parents allowed me to. As a kid, I also dreamt of moving to England when I grew older (who knows, maybe that dream can come true). Aside from England, I would love to see Scotland too!



I’m a big WWII fanatic so touring Germany would be a paradise. To visit all the Holocaust museums and experience history first hand will be amazing.

Montreal, Canada


Some say I’ll be wasting one of my “dream destinations” to visit Montreal but I haven’t seen much of Canada yet (shame on me!) and if given the opportunity, I’d choose Montreal over any city in Canada to visit. I fell in love with Montreal in 8th grade and to this day, it still holds a place in my heart. 

California State, USA


I wanted to say LA but in reality, I want to tour all of California! There’s something about that state that makes me even want to move down there. It’s not the celebrity factor, it’s more of the cultural factor that draws me to California… and the sunshine! It’s a nearby state so I can see this happening in a close nearby future.

Have any of you lucky readers got to travel to one of my favourite places? Let me know your experience(s)!

2 thoughts on “Five Dream Travel Destinations

  1. California is HUGE! I have been to a few cities there and loved it. But probably not to stay. Too crowded and feels "stuffy" Those all sound like great places to travel


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