Five Store Cards Worth Signing Up For


I have a bunch of store cards, most of them loyalty cards but they do add up to save a few dollars and sometimes even a free grocery trip.

A lot of people aren’t a fan of loyalty cards because they take up so much room in your wallet, AND not to mention it’s just annoying when the cashier pesters you to sign up. I’ve been guilty of signing up for cards and never using them just to get the cashier to shut up. Especially at stores I know I don’t visit regularly.

However, from my experiences of collecting loyalty cards, I’ll share with you my top 5 store cards that are worth the time to register and continue using.

 Safeway Club Card
My favourite place to shop for groceries is actually Superstore because the prices are cheaper but given that Safeway more convenient for me, I tend to stop by Safeway a lot. Safeway prices aren’t cheap (from comparison to Superstore) so I signed up for the Safeway Club card and used it instantly. Many of their items on sale are usually eligible for card holders so spending 5 minutes at the customer service desk filling out a form can you save a few bucks here and there everytime you shop at Safeway. The most I saved is usually in their meat department; $20 regular price but only $8 for card members.
 Target RED Card (Debit)
When I found out that Target was coming to Canada, I signed up for their Target RED debit card before the closest store was even under construction. It connects directly to your bank account so their sign up process might take a bit longer than the usual 5 minutes forms. However, once everything is done, you save 5% on their low prices already! 5% doesn’t seem much but it adds up eventually. It got to the point where if I know I’m going to Target, I won’t buy anything from my local drugstore just so I can save an extra 5% on my goods. Not to mention their clearance items are priced ridiculously low!
 Best Buy Reward Zone
If you’re a big electronics fan, I highly recommend enrolling in the Best Buy points program. I’ve saved $10-20 on my electronics just by presenting this card whenever I’m in Best Buy. And it can be for anything from a $3 headphones to a $1,000 TV. I don’t shop at Best Buy as much I did before but their points accumulate overtime so you can easily get a $5-$10 certificate overtime from little purchases/visits. Also, you get exclusive members only sales/events.
 PetSmart PetPerks
If you’re an animal lover like me, you know how expensive maintaining a pet can be. I love shopping at PetSmart because their prices are low, but their sales are great! Some of the sale price are only eligible for PetPerk card holders but signing up is extremely easy. I own a senior Maltipoo and a baby bunny so being able to save few dollars on pet food/bedding helps a lot!
President’s Choice MasterCard
As soon as I turned legal, I signed up for President’s Choice MasterCard and lucky me, I got approved. When I look at credit cards, I look at ones that gives me the greatest benefits and lowest interest rate. My Visa is from my local bank and gives me a cashback everytime I use; my MasterCard is from President’s Choice which collections “PC Points” which can transfer towards your grocery bill. The best part is that you can still collect points everywhere! I’ve gotten a lot of free food just from using my MasterCard. My mum gets points faster because the PC MC is her #1 choice of credit card so she uses it EVERYWHERE, and her purchases are bigger than mines. Process to signing up for a PC MasterCard is like any credit card – takes a few weeks and requires a bit more info (eg. credit checks).

3 thoughts on “Five Store Cards Worth Signing Up For

  1. I'm definitely guilty of signing up for store cards just to get the cashier to be quiet – Topshop I'm looking at you -__- I nominated you for the Liebster Award by the way, I'm loving your blog at the moment! xx


  2. I only have a handful of loyalty cards that I actually use. I don't shop in the same places enough! I may have to sign up for the Target card though. That sounds like an awesome deal. Like you said, 5% adds up!


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