#2014BloggerChallenge – Book Review: Flowers in the Attic by V.C. Andrews

Flowers in the Attic on Goodreads

I have never heard of Flowers in the Attic or V.C. Andrews. I guess in my generation, the book (published in 1979) would be considered “too old”. I’ve heard a lot about this book, mostly for its taboo about incest and rape. In today’s modern society, I think this book wouldn’t be deemed as taboo but back in the 80’s, I understand why high schools would ban this book.

However,  the entertainment world has been buzzing over the remake of Flowers in the Attic to a TV movie by Lifetime; it was released on January 18th, 2014. So I ended up watching the movie first before reading the book.

Does it make me a bad or “messed up” person that I fairly enjoyed the movie and the book? I hope not.

Flowers in the Attic is based upon the four Dollaganger kids, Christoper, Cathy, Carrie and Cory. Along with their mother, Corrine, the four of them are forced to live with Corrine’s filthy rich grandparents when their father died in an accident which has forever changed the Dollagangers’ life.

I’m a bookworm and enjoyed the book very much that I finished reading it within 2 days. Because it was written in the 80’s, the style and dialogue used to write this novel is much different than what I’m normally used to. It’s some getting use to but it caught on very quickly after a few chapters.

It’s a page turner. The novel picks up fairly quickly and immediately you can see the character development happening in Corrine and the relationship build up amongst the children. This book has a dark theme, and throughout the novel, you’ll feel disgusted by the plot. It’s amazing to see how Andrews incorporated that into the novel and present such a heartless character and plot.

Andrews illustrated the novel to the point where you feel like the plot is dancing right in front of you. Each character has a different personality that grows tremendously by the end of the novel. It’s like growing up with the characters as the chapters went by. Every horrific event that happens is so vivid, you can feel the expressions, sadness, and pain through words Andrew has written. The story is told through Cathy’s experiences.

Despite its taboo scenes and topics in this novel, I think it’s a great book. If anything, it’s so hyped up and popularized because of incest and rape. We read books about rape but how often do we read books with incest written in the plot?

If you’re interested in stepping outside the genres of high school romances and hot CEOs, I’d recommend giving Flowers in the Attic a try. It’s a dark twisted novel with secrets that’ll keep you turning the pages for more.

Flowers in the Attic is book 1 out of 4 of the Dollaganger series. I instantly jumped into book #2, Petals on the Wind and it was great but not as great as Flowers in the Attic.

If you’re not one to read, I recommend watching the TV movie produced by Lifetime.

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