Five (Underrated) Canadian TV Shows

I remember back in high school, one of my teachers talked about our Canadian culture. She asked how many Canadian authors can we list, Canadian TV shows/movies, Canadian singers, etc.

To my dismay, it was embarrassing to struggle with listing Canadian artists. Canada (and perhaps the entire world) is so heavily influenced by American arts. Most of our Canadians artists (mainly actors and actresses) makes their living off American TV shows and movies. Almost every TV show we love to binge to and every movie we indulge in is Americian.

As a proud Canadian, I would love to support the Canadian arts. I want to see Canada “make it big” in the entertainment world. I mean, we’re huge in the sports world, (yay hockey!!!) but I feel Canada is undiscovered around the world.

In hopes to raising awareness to Canadian arts, I’m presenting you my five favourite Canadian TV shows! I hope you guys are willing to take a chance, stream/download an episode and fall in love with these wonderful shows!

Global TV | Wikipedia | IMDb

I can gush about Rookie Blue non-stop. Before the series even aired on Global, I was extremely excited from all the commercials. If you love drama, you’ll love this series. Rookie Blue is a drama (with a side of romance, duh!) about several ‘rookie’ police officers that just graduated from the policing academy. Although they’re riding with mentors, they face situations the police academy has never taught them and is constantly learning. Each rookie is out to prove something about themselves.

Before I say anything, I want to point out that this show is entirely made out of Canadian actors! Holllla! It’s shot out in Toronto, Ontario and it’s so Canadian, you can actually see Canadian currency being used. Canadian jokes and lingos. There is nothing American about this show. I also love how the producers give each character their own challenges and story lines and wraps everything up so beautifully at the end of the show. Everytime I mention this show to a friend, they’re instantly hooked onto it.

CBC TV | Wikipedia | IMDb

I found Mr. D when Netflix recommended this series based on my likings. After the first episode, I found myself laughing halfway through the season before the night is even over. Long story short, Mr. D is a comedy about a high school teacher “faking it, til he makes it”. I recommend Mr. D for those that enjoy comedy and high school settings.

Like Rookie Blue, Mr. D is made up of a cast of Canadian actors. Jerry Dee (Mr. D) is an actual stand up comedian and writes the script for Mr. D. Shot in Nova Scotia, this series is hilarious! Aside from New Girl and Big Bang Theory, Mr. D never fails to crack me up. And the fact that he’s a high school social studies teacher makes it even better since I love history! I read the comments on Netflix and a few said his humour is used to make fun of people, but I didn’t find it insulting in any way.

CBC TV | Wikipedia | IMDb

Although the Dragons’ Den franchise is based in Japan, Dragons’ Den Canada is another Canadian TV show. For those who don’t know what Dragons’ Den is, it’s a reality TV show where entrepreneurs goes into the “den” and asks for investments (and potential partnerships) with the “dragons”. I’m not a business person, but I love this show for some reason. It’s entertaining to see regular Canadians coming up with new products and seeing if they succeed or they failed. Some of the entrepreneurs get humiliated on national television for poor business presentations or stupid ideas.

Wikipedia | IMDb

This is pretty much the early Canadian version of Lizzie McGuire. Ready or Not follows best friends, Amanda and “Busy” as they go through middle and high school, family and friends issues, and of course, puberty and boys! Like Lizzie McGuire, Ready and Not is essentially a show that teaches girls about being a teenager.

Wikipedia | IMDb

I love horror, even as a kid so you can easily assume that I enjoyed ‘Are You Afraid of the Dark?’. This series is based on scary stories told by a group of teenagers that meet up every night around a camp fire. I remember some stories were literally scary, as in, you don’t want to be in the dark alone scary, and then there were some that just left you… eh, that’s it?

It’s similar to Goosebumps but I always enjoyed Goosebump stories over campfire stories but nonetheless, it’s another great Canadian thriller show!

Of course, there’s many more great Canadian television shows out there such as Degrassi (although I never enjoyed it myself), Flashpoint, Heartland, etc. I didn’t include them because I’ve never seen them or enjoyed them but the ratings for each show go against my opinions.

I don’t want to be bias, but I really recommend Rookie Blue. It’s probably my favourite choice out of the five, haha.

How much do you love Canadian entertainment?

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