Business Review:

Photo 1-21-2014, 1 03 51 PM home page. is an online Canadian store that supplies customers a wide range of available contact lenses. They ship throughout Canada and the United States.

Being a (broke) student, I wanted to save money on my contact lenses. I know wearing my glasses will save me money but after wearing them for about 2 months, I’ve missed my contact lenses soooo much! I searched online and came across VisionPros. I was a bit skeptical at first because even though I’ve found it through Google, I couldn’t believe how cheap the prices per box were! They have thousands of Facebook fans and an updated Facebook fan page but I still needed to read actual reviews from customers. Unfortunately, I didn’t come across any reviews but for every contact lenses they were selling, at the end of the page were consumer reviews and everyone of them were positive. I try to stay away from reviews that are on the actual website but seeing that those were the only reviews (and on Facebook) from real customers, I decided to put my trust in VisionPros.

Which is why I’m writing this review. If you were in my position, stumbling across VisionPros but being a bit skeptical at first, I’ll present to you the first review for this business!

I originally only purchased two boxes of my contact lenses because, like I’ve stated, I was a bit skeptical at first. Despite buying only two boxes, they were still cheaper than what I would’ve gotten if I went to my optical store. However, about 99% of their contact lenses has a “wholesale” price, I guess you can call it; if you purchase 4 boxes, or even 6 boxes (depending on daily/weekly/monthly lenses), the prices will be cheaper per box.

I remember placing my order on Thursday, getting my ordered processed and shipped out on Friday and it arrived on Monday. Keep in mind that my shipping was only one day because I live in Vancouver and they ship out from Surrey, BC.

Photo 1-21-2014, 12 42 00 PM
Photo 1-21-2014, 12 42 13 PM
Nice packaging!
Photo 1-21-2014, 12 43 49 PM
What the box contained: my contact lenses, discount code, lens container and receipt.

VisionPros offers a 7% discount code on their Facebook page from time to time and offers free shipping for orders over $99.

They also have a great exchange/refund policy! If they messed up on your order or your lenses were defective upon arrival, VisionPros will gladly exchange/refund you with free shipping both ways. They also have a 110% price guarantee but I doubt there’s any other business that sells their lenses as cheap as VisionPros. I’ve even compared with Clearly Contacts and discovered that VisionPros saves me $5-10 on my order. And of course, who wouldn’t want to save a few bucks and reinvest it in a nice Starbucks latte?

Also, keep in mind that there’s also a small fee for handling warranty (I believe? I forgot). Many online contact lenses store has a handling fee including Clearly Contacts. In my experience, the cost of my lenses plus shipping and handling fees still came cheaper than Clearly Contacts.

In conclusion, I’m glad that I gave VisionPros a try instead of running to my local optical store. VisionPros offers discounts on already low priced contact lenses, extremely fast shipping and processing, and great exchange/refund policies.

 Business Name: VisionPros
Address: 19138 26th Avenue,
Surrey, BC, V3S 3V7

*Disclaimer: This is not a paid review. I am in no way affiliated with; my experience with VisionPros has been provided with my own money.

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