Product Review: Garnier Fruictis Damage Eraser

I’m back with another product review on the new Garnier Fruictis Damage Eraser all thanks to Influenster!

Photo 2-10-2014, 4 52 19 PM

This was my first Voxbox so I was extremely happy. I was chosen because of the condition of my hair: damaged, dull, no volume and no shine.

The Garnier Fructis Damage Eraser claims 90% of hairs strength reconstructed from root to tip.

Before Garnier chose to send me the samples, I’ve always enjoyed their products. I loved how they have a wide collection of scents to choose from, and they always left my hair feeling soft.

The Damage Eraser line includes:

  • Fortifying Shampoo: Reconstructs and preserves strength for strong hair that looks rejuvenated.
  • Fortifying Conditioner: Reconstructs and preserves strength for strong hair that looks rejuvenated.
  • Split Ends Bandage Serum: Each drop helps to prevent split ends and reconstructs and preserves hair’s strength.
  • Strength Reconstructing Butter: Rich, indulgent butter is designed to intensely reconstruct hair’s strength for strong, rejuvenated and shiny-looking hair. Use weekly for optimal results.

From the Influenter Voxbos, it didn’t include the reconstructing butter. My experience? I loved it. Simple as that.

The scent of the shampoo wasn’t fruity, but it didn’t smell bad either. The conditioner made my hair the softest I’ve ever felt. Once the conditioner was washed off, oh my, my hair was super smooth and soft, I literally couldn’t stop touching it. I’ve never used a split ends oil before so this was my first. My hair is damaged due to the colouring and after the first couple of uses of the splits end serum, I’ve noticed my ends were extremely healthy. Personally, I don’t like using oils because it leaves this scent and oily feeling on your hair and hands but surprisingly, the oil doesn’t stick to your hands after rubbing it into your hair. Nor does it leave a scent! That’s a big bonus for me – oil without the fuss.

The next morning, after air drying my hair, I’ve noticed the smoothness of my hair. Volume has increased, especially in my bangs! I couldn’t keep them flat whatsoever. My hair bounced much more when I’m walking. As for shine? I felt like I could see it in specific angles of lighting, but in general, I didn’t notice any shine.

Photo 2-18-2014, 6 37 56 PM
Garnier Fruictis Damage Eraser

In conclusion, if you have damaged and no volume hair, I’ll recommend this line. Out of all the shampoos I’ve ever used, I think I saw significant improvement on my hair from the Damage Eraser line. If you’re not interested in the shampoo and conditioner for whatever reason, I highly recommend the splits end serum. I’ve never had such ease with oils before and this affordable little product did repair my splits ends. Ever since using it, I haven’t gotten any – and this is coming from someone that regularly dyes her hair!

*Disclaimer: This is a sponsored review from Influenster and Garnier, however, my opinions on these products are entirely mines and 100% honest.

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