That Moment I Made the Simpliest Stalking Mistake

I hate LinkedIn.

Long story short, I Googled a girl whom’s great friends with this guy, and although I’m not entirely jealous of her (she’s in a long term relationship), I am a bit jealous of their friendship and the boy’s ex from years ago was also her sister. Curiously enough, I wanted to “know” more about her.

Lo and behold, when I Googled her name, her LinkedIn profile appeared. I ended up clicking on it WITH my LinkedIn account logged in. Needless to say, the profile proved nothing and I appeared on her recently visited list… and if you’re not the CEO of Nintendo, I’m pretty sure not many people will visit a profile of a random Vancouvrite.


Today, I looked at my recently visited list after months of not logging onto LinkedIn.

And yes, she also looked at my profile. I can only image her telling her boyfriend, or her sisters, or worst of all, the boy, that I’ve been creeping on her. Or, maybe, she just kept it to herself. Although, if I’m going to be honest, if the boy ever did confront me on it, I would’ve made up just a little white lie about recruiting experiences.

Also, I found out my ex from high school looked at my profile. I don’t want to creep on his but from the little blurb, apparently he’s a “new manager” of Pillsbury. I guess he doesn’t take LinkedIn seriously.

But, if you’re ever on LinkedIn… make sure you log off before creeping on someone.

3 thoughts on “That Moment I Made the Simpliest Stalking Mistake

    1. Hahaha, your case is probably much safer than mines. Because of that incident, I have a love/hate relationship with LinkedIn's options to see who visits your profile. Funny how a professional site can be used for stalking too :$


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