My Silver Lining in March

March has just begun on sad grounds for me.

A) I snapped at a “friend”, and now we’re not talking and I don’t know if I should feel upset about my actions or angry at him not supporting me. Either way, I vowed that after months of arguing, I’m just going to let things simmer down and not talk to him at all for a month or so.

B) Long story short, my parents are dealing with legal issues, and it wasn’t until about a week ago that my dad is finally eligible to receive his passport back. That being said, he offered to take me to China for a mini vacation and also to pay respect to my Grandmother that passed away years ago.

Due to my student loans, I’m not allowed to take more than 2 weeks off… and my dad was fine with 2 weeks but when I went to talk to my school, they told me that technically, the “2 weeks” is actually 10 school days. So, I got pretty choked that my 2 weeks time-off suddenly got reduced to 10 days because of the way they phrased the terms.

When I told that to my Dad, he told me that his new passport wouldn’t arrive until next week so we eventually agreed that I wouldn’t go back to China this year… I mean, $1,500 airline ticket for just 6 days? It’s a terrible waste of money.

Photo 3-3-2014, 4 32 02 PM
My last day of school is on Nov. 7th!

However, after getting back to school, they hand me a new schedule… which basically took my 3 weeks summer vacation out of the schedule, rearranged the times and courses, and now, I graduate an entire month earlier!

I’m a bit disappointed that I’m missing out on China and my 3 weeks summer break, but at the same time, I’m sort of happy that my post-secondary is coming to an end… I can finally start my career (hopefully my co-op hires me!) and be free from textbooks and exams.

But the more I think about it, the more I’m realizing.. I’m going to be shoved into the real.. REAL world. Like, they say after graduating high school, it’s the real world BUT if you continued with studies, you’re still sort of sheltered from the real world.

And now, in 132 days, I’ll have my first HR job experience, and in 249 days, I’ll be done with school.

It’s amazing how just cutting 3 weeks out of your school schedule will make all the difference.

3 thoughts on “My Silver Lining in March

  1. Aww that's too bad about missing out on your trip, but early congrats on graduating! It's definitely a scary time and full of big changes, but ultimately a good one 🙂 Work is much easier than school I found!


  2. That sucks about missing out on the trip to China… Can't your Dad wait until you're done with school though? And congrats on graduating! I do have mixed feelings about it. On the one hand I'm excited to be a 'full' grown up but I'm scared if the 'real' world is going to be too harsh… I see that you're taking classes in summer? Or is that how your program designed?


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