#2014BloggerChallenge – A Day in my Life on April Fool's Day [aka Canucks vs. Rangers Day!]

My start on April Fool’s day started out rough. Long story short, I got an e-mail from a random OK Cupid user telling me that my ex (from 3 years ago) has been stealing my photography work, telling strangers about our public sex encounters, and telling people that I catfished him on OK Cupid.

I then proceeded to staying up til about 3AM talking to two mutual friends that my ex and I shared to see if they have any idea about the e-mail and asking if this was some sort of sick cruel joke that what’s his face was pulling on me. I basically asked them advice on what to do and we then made plans to catch up and discuss in person.

My class starts at 3PM on Tuesdays and honestly, that day was such a useless class. The professor shows us quick videos about teamwork and then we watched an watched listened to an hour-long web seminar about motivating teams.

Can you tell how bored I was?!

By the time I got out of class, I took the skytrain to Science World and Kenneth and I originally agreed to have Urban Fare dinner before the game started… you know how expensive Rogers Arena food is?! Why do I have to pay $15 for a shitty burger?

So, I got to Urban Fare… and my ex’s best friend was still working… awkward….

I felt like saying hi to him, you know, be friendly and all since we did spend the summer together, but I just felt like he was off limits to talk to… I felt like I no longer had the “rights” to communicate with my ex’s best friends anymore. Am I being insane here or is this common for you too? Let me know! 🙂

I knew he was watching me, though! Not to see if I was shoplifting, but I felt like he was surprised to see me at his store. We haven’t seen each other in 7-8 months. I felt like he was texting my ex “Yoooo, buddy, your ex Jessica is in the store.”  

And, honestly, I don’t want my ex thinking I’m some crazy stalker stalking his friends. He knows I love Urban Fare, but the paranoid thought was creeping in my head.

To make it worse, Kenneth was running late so by the time he parked, we wouldn’t have enough time to eat dinner and head to the arena… made me look like an idiot walking around the store with my ex’s best friend watching me and then leaving without anyone showing up…

Anywho, fast forward to about 6:40PM! I finally got to Rogers’ Arena and I also felt like it’s time to purchase a jersey… I don’t know about you, but I feel like buying a jersey is like “moving up” in the hockey world from Newbie to Rookie to Loyal Fan!

Photo 4-1-2014, 11 16 11 PM
Excuse the dirty mirror!

Here’s my dilemma about jerseys and why it took so long for me to get one. Aside from money being the issue, I had a hard time deciding if I wanted to get a blank jersey or a player’s jersey. I have a fear that if I purchased a player’s jersey, what if he gets traded off?! I mean, sure perhaps he’d be considered a legend in the Vancouver Canucks but I just didn’t like the idea of wearing a jersey of an ex teammate (not saying I’ll stop supporting him). However, a blank jersey will last a lifetime and it’s not being biased towards a certain player (Heeeeelllllooooo, Eddie Lack!).

Eventually, I settled for a blank jersey and I have no regrets in not picking a player’s jersey.

Photo 4-1-2014, 6 40 54 PM
NY Rangers warming up.
Photo 4-1-2014, 6 40 58 PM
Canucks warm up.

We got seated in the Lower Bowl (FIRST TIME EVER SITTING IN THE LOWER BOWL!) with about ~10 minutes left of warm up time.

I always get chills when they start playing the introduction video for the Canucks… I mean, after all, the video is supposed to get you pumped, but for me, oh my gosh, it’s just chills and goosebumps. (PS: I dislike the new introduction video. I like the previous one better).

Vancouver Canucks Opening Video 2014

(New; I believe they show an edited version in the arena… correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure they replaced all the Luongo footage with Lack)

Umm… did you NOT get chills?! I’ve seen these two videos about a million times and it still gets to me!
Photo 4-1-2014, 8 04 27 PM
This is literally the closest I’ve ever been to Lack… #fangirl. My heart aches whenever he’s left alone in the zone, haha.
Photo 4-1-2014, 8 04 41 PM
This lady sat down at the start of 2nd period and blocked that little space with her huge head.
Unfortunately, we lost the game that night. I would LOVE to attend a game where the Canucks would win. All the games I’ve been to were a lost 😦
Processed with Rookie
To end the night, Kenneth suggested we go to Biercraft where we both had oysters as a starter and Kenneth got the steak while I tried their chicken.
And that is how I spent April Fool’s Day! Started off crappy but ended up with a food coma, haha.
Not a bad start to April! #goodvibes

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