My First (and Last) Encounters with Badoo


Have you guys heard of Badoo? I’m sure you have!

Well… last week, (or was it two weeks ago?) I took the plunge and joined Badoo, aka my first online chatting (can we call it chatting?) experience.

As you can tell from this post, I wasn’t joining this social site to meet new people for dating. In the end, I ended up joining in hopes of meeting new friends.

Why Badoo? Because nobody I know is on the site. Like, literally no one. And that made me really happy because as you know, I get embarrassed really easily if someone saw my profile on an online dating site. And, I felt like Badoo wasn’t advertising itself as a dating site but more of a chatting site.

Anyways, I took the plunge and filled out my profile and uploaded about three pics. In my profile, I clearly stated I’m not here to look for a relationship, friends with benefits, or hook ups. I’m here to simply chat and hopefully make new friends. I mean, granted it wasn’t like that word for word, but I clearly stated it on my profile that I was purely looking for friendship and nothing else and listed my reasons why I’m here instead of looking for friends at school.

Let me just say… Badoo is creepy. Hella creepy.

Within the first few hours of completing my profile, I was being spammed with notifications of people viewing my profile, people wanting to meet in person and people sending me messages. I swear, it’s like these guys were just on the prowl waiting for a new female member to join.

(I don’t want to sound shallow, but these men weren’t even good looking… there were a lot of foreigners that couldn’t grasp the spelling of you, what, how, are, etc. we’re talking elementary spelling bee.)

Most of them consisted of the generic, hi, how are you? message and when I felt like they might actually be interested in friendships, I replied back to some.

Some so are creepy, they jump right into it: “Want to meet up?”
Some are a bit settled, “What do you look for in a guy?”
And finally, some are smart enough to read my profile and say, “Hey, you seem like an interesting person to talk to, cool interests. You love horror movies?”

There is this one person named ‘Rebel’ (I ain’t making this up), he messages me asking how it’s going. I thought it was a friendly convo until he asked if I wanted to meet him for a movie. At that point, I told him I’m not interested and deleted the conversation. A few days later, he messaged me again and I ignored it… he messages again and I chose not to open it this time.

Another user even got frustrated that I wouldn’t answer him:
“Answer me, hello????”


However, I did meet a nice Korean girl. It turns out she knows my friend, MJ from school! Maybe Badoo isn’t a bad place…


Still filled with creeps, stupid creeps, might I add. I got so annoyed, this one Filipino guy messaged me if I wanted to go on a date with him. I asked him “Can you not read? I’m not interested in a relationship.”

And he sends back, “Oh, sorry… but are you single?”
I answered back, “What does being single have to do with this?”
He replies, “I’m just wondering, maybe I can capture your heart.”


This other guy, I messaged ended up to be pretty cool… at first. We talked about a shit tons of random topics which made me feel comfortable. It made me feel like he was talking to me as a friend. Eventually, we exchanged contact information… let’s just said, he started sending me texts like “I really love the way your lips curve in the third photo.”, or shit like, “I can’t wait to finally get to hold you and explore you.”, and can’t forget, “What kind of porn are you into? Because, I think I found something we could watch.”


I mean, if I knew how creepy this guy was, I would’ve never given my phone number (thank goodness for iPhone’s blocking features!). And then, I thought I could look past a few of these slightly disturbing texts because we have great conversations. He’s one of the most intellectual guys I’ve spoken to in a while and I enjoyed that (I’ll even admit, before the creepiness, I thought I could potentially like this guy).

But then his job turned me off (he was a door to door salesperson selling lawn mowing services… um, no). He’s constantly talking about Krav Maga practices and getting his body into shape for  Krav Maga (which I thought was like MMA/UFC thing but it’s not). He goes clubbing… by himself! (WHO DOES THAT?!) He has not once mentioned any activities with his roommate or friends… which makes me wonder if he’s a loner. He still sends slightly uncomfortable messages. Hell, he doesn’t even tell me what he’s doing for education – like, are you upgrading your high school grades or are you taking online university courses?


Needless to say… although I’ve had good conversations with many people, and humours conversations with a lot of people, I’m saying goodbye to my Badoo account and never looking back.

Maybe I’m missing out on a large niche of potential friends buuuut, I’d rather be comfortable throughout the day than have my phone vibrate every minute some creeper messages me for a date (seriously, can you guys read?). I envy those (mostly guys, I guess) that can use Badoo to make new friends. But, I guess as a female resorting to online chatting, most of them attempt to make it a date.


PS: My ex’s best friend messaged me on the site… LOL, um. No, I don’t do that.
PPS: Have a great weekend!

10 thoughts on “My First (and Last) Encounters with Badoo

  1. This is hilarious! Especially the Filipino guy… I.just.can't. I don't want to stereotype but it seems like two Filipino guys I know also like to try this smooth talking technique haha.I used to chat on this random chatting platform when I was 13-14 (but I lied and said I was 18-19). Geez, everyone was creepy, especially the video chat ones… Ew. Ew, Ew.


  2. Yeah, they go full out smooth/romantic – back in high school, this Filipino guy ended up writing a song for his crush and she got so creep out, she just tossed the lyrics and little teddy bear in the trash without reading it through. I can't even imagine video chatting with strangers. I think Badoo is the first site to ever make me feel uncomfortable on the Internet, haha. And worst is that all these people I chatted with are in the city which makes me second guess Vancouver people, LOL.


  3. Ahahaha I have had Badoo before! I actually ended up solidly dating someone for a little while but we turned out to be too different for each other. He is a lovely person and we're still friends (somewhat) today 🙂 There are a loooooot of creeps on that site though! I agree! Haha.


  4. That sounds awesome, maybe I need to move to NZ for a better niche of people! All the guys I had were foreign Indians and Filipinos that seemed toooooo desperate!


  5. Haha, I think they were extremely desperate too! Especially that Filipino guy that wouldn't leave me alone and just sounded like he really wanted to go on a date or get my number. He even asked me what's my ideal guy is and told me he could "change for me", LOL.And thank you so much! I just got bored last night and spent hours looking up Blogger codes and decided to redo a few things 😛 Spring colours!


  6. you sound like you've had quite an experience! haha. I agree with you, dating websites have this stigma associated with it and it is unfortunate that its difficult to make simple friends online, but thank goodness we have blogging right!? 🙂 I feel like that's always a safe way to meet other people with similar ideas and thoughts


  7. Yes, whatever happened to the good ol' days when chatting to people online didn't mean that we're about to get into a relationship?! Granted, I've never chatted online with strangers before but I assumed it was the trend back in the 90's. I wouldn't know what I'd do without blogging… sometimes, I go through days thinking "How are there SO MANY people that don't have a blog?!" Haha


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