Blogging Tips: Switching over to Disqus Commenting System

Me, sharing blogging tips?!


I have been blogging for quite a while, however, I don’t do it on a professional level. So, being a personal blogger, I don’t give much thought to my blog as others would do – you know, scheduling posts, purchasing a beautiful template, Facebook Page, etc.


I did, however, switched over from the native Blogger comment system to Disqus Commenting System a few weeks ago and I absolutely love it!

What exactly is Disqus? It’s an alternative commenting method used by many, many, many, popular websites, especially news sites. It’s easily installable (literally, just a click or so to install to Blogger, Tumblr, WordPress, etc.), and it’s highly customizable in colours and settings.

A lot of you will also be pleased that Disqus also drives additional traffic and activity to your blog!

I don’t know why I never installed Disqus the very moment I created my blog, but nonetheless, I hope you guys make the switch and marvel at how awesome this commenting system is.


  • Easy 1-2-3 installation to Blogger, WordPress, and Tumblr. You can also choose to install it manually if your site isn’t supported by their auto-installation.
  • Customizable in colours to match your template and in settings (profanity settings, moderating, etc).
  • Syncs with your existing/new/future Blogger comments. So, if you chose to install it today, all your comments will be synced with Disqus, and any new/future comments left while having Disqus installed is synced with Blogger (so, if you ever choose to uninstall it, your comments won’t disappear).
  • Transferable. I’m not too sure on this feature but the site said you can transfer your entire Disqus to a new website if you wish.
  • E-mail notifications when someone replies to you. This is the key feature to driving additional activity and traffic to your blog. Before installing Disqus, I’ll reply to comments but nobody seems to come back and hold a conversation. Since using Disqus, I’ve seen a big improvement in activity on my blog. And, I also get notifications when other people reply to my comments which is nice too!
  • Many log-in options! Your readers can leave a comment with their Disqus account, Twitter, FB, or even the regular, Name/E-Mail method.
  • Less spam! Oh my gooooodness, ever since installing Disqus, I have not received a single e-mail notification about spam comments! Sure, Blogger did a great job blocking spams but it still e-mails you when a spam comment is blocked. However, Disqus doesn’t allow any spambots whatsoever!
  • For those moderating comments, you can approve or disapprove via e-mail!


  • When you sync comments, any threaded conversations you had with a commenter will be displayed like an individual comment. So, if you replied to Commenter A, once synced with Disqus, your reply to Commenter A will be a sole comment and not replied to anything. I assume that’ll also happen if you ever uninstalled Disqus.
  • You have to install the mobile version of Disqus manually, otherwise mobile readers will be greeted with the native Blogger comment. This aspect might be tricky for those unfamiliar with HTML.
  • Sometimes, it takes a while to load, or it might not load at all. This might be contributed from the amount of other downloads (heavy images blog), I’m not entirely sure. I’m a patient person and would click on the Reload button if Disqus doesn’t load properly, but I can’t say that for other bloggers.

Do you have reasons to why you installed and loved Disqus? Let me know below! 😀

6 thoughts on “Blogging Tips: Switching over to Disqus Commenting System

  1. You might think I'm so dense after reading your pro's and con's… but I still am not quite sure as to whether I should make the change. But you did awaken a little interest in doing so. It does look pretty sleek…


  2. i didn't even know this thing was called disqus! haha, I've noticed that thoughcatalog has it, but didn't realize that we could integrate it into our blogs. I'm super not familiar with html though so im hesitant to make the switch over :S was it hard?


  3. Ever since I installed Disqus, I have loved it. There are so many upsides. My favorite part is that everyone who comments on it can actually get a reply, so there's no no-reply blogger problems!


  4. Nope, if I remember correctly, I think you select Blogger and then allow authorization to access your template and when you click agree, Disqus will add its own HTML/Javascript widget ready for you to click 'install/add' and that's it. The mobile version involves just finding the appropriate HTML and following their short tutorial to install it. The mobile is just a bit tedious but I thought it was fairly easy 🙂


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