Product Review: Dorco Shai 3+3 Razor (LSXA1000: Soft Touch™ 6 Blade System for Women)

With warmer weather coming around, it’s getting pretty obvious it’s time to whip out that best friend you call a razor!

Recently, I’ve had the privilege to be contacted by Dorco to review one of the best selling razors: The Dorco Shai 3+3.

Photo 2-25-2014, 7 41 00 PM
Photo 2-25-2014, 7 41 16 PM

Upon first review, the packaging is quite simple. Like any razor, it proves to be a bit difficult to open up. The back of the box explains the razor’s top features such as 6 blades, lubricating band, and ergonomic handle for every turn.

Photo 2-27-2014, 4 39 15 PM
Photo 2-27-2014, 4 39 41 PM

Gorgeous colours! I love pink feminine products. It comes with a nice home that you can stick on your shower, however, for me, I keep my razors out the shower until I use them.

The grip of the razor is amazing! I think it’s one the best razors I’ve ever held. I don’t know about you but I love having that sense of control and grip when I shave. In my previous encounters with some razors without the grip, I’ve manage to make a few cuts here and there.

How well does it perform?

  • 6 blades made my shaving process super smooth and slightly faster than the other razors. The rubber grip around the razor combs the little hair up to get a closer shave. This is the first razor that shaved so close to my skin that I didn’t need to go over the area with a tweezer. It also didn’t miss any hairs whatsoever!
  • The ergonomic handle was pretty cool too. I think it’s the first razor that I’ve seen that actually bends on its head to match your body’s curves. Unlike previous razors, I had to nip a few hairs around my knees but this ones glides over it without any cuts and shaves off the little hair around the area.
  • However, the lubricant is lacking. I have had the Venus razor and that was insanely lubricant that I didn’t need any shaving gel. This one however, despite the mention of a lubricant brand, doesn’t give out any lubricant when wet. I was disappointed with the lack of lubricant because as a lazy person, I like my products to have a 2-in-1 sort of deal, especially when it comes to shaving as we all know shaving can be a hassle.

Overall, for the price of the razor, it’s quite comparable to the top names, if not, slightly better. The rubber guard proves to be a great additional feature for combing up hair for a closer shave, but I wouldn’t use this razor to shave my bikini area, solely for the reason of the rubber. The rest of the body such as legs and underarms is a definite win!

Photo 2-27-2014, 4 40 22 PM
Close up of the blades and rubber guards.

Final verdict?

  • Ideal for legs, underarms, not for bikini area
  • Cheaper than leading brand names. If you don’t care about name brands, you can save a ton of money without sacrificing quality.
  • Have a can of shaving gel in handy in case your razor doesn’t provide much lubricant.
Product: Dorco Shai 3+3 Razor / LSXA 1000: Soft Touch 6 Blade System for Women
Brand: Dorco USA
Price: $5.95
Rating: 4.5/5
And now, Dorco has given you guys a 20% off coupon on their already low prices!
Enter the coupon code: N1WO575O37W2 for a discount amount of 20% off. Limited 1 per customer, valid until 5/31/14.

DorcoUSA offers three shipping options for their Canadian customers. The first would be “Canada Econo-Shipping” which is a flat rate of $9.99.

The second option would be “Standard to Canada” which is based on the weight of the package, as well as the destination. The price for this option is calculated at checkout based on the items in the cart and the shipping address.

Lastly, all US orders over $25 and all Canadian orders over $40 qualify for free shipping.

*This product review was provided by Dorco USA but all opinions are 100% mines and honest.

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