Five Ways to Party Smarter (Financially)

Just in time for the weekends, I present you five ways to party financially smarter!
You can always have a great time without breaking the bank!


1. Stop by the lounges, not the clubs!
Ideally, the first thing that comes to mind on the weekends is probably hitting the hottest club(s) in town and that’s the biggest way to drown your bank account.

Depending on the club and its hours, clubs include paying for coverage AND coat check (unless you opt to freeze in the early mornings) and usually overpriced drinks. Not to mention you’re paying for NO services.

Why though?

Why are you spending so much to head to a building filled with loud, sweaty, (perverted) people?! The music is so loud, you can’t even talk to your friends, and the place is probably so crowded, you’ll lose your group!

Instead, hit the lounges or the pubs. There is no coverage and coat check fees. The drinks are much cheaper, (c’mon, compare a $4-8 shot to a $15-20 shot!). These places usually play great music, loud enough to hear the lyrics and low enough to hear your friends. Not to mention, lounges and pubs are a great alternative to meet (professional) people and some places even has a dance floor with a live DJ or band!

Lounges are much more intimate and classy to meet up and meet new people compared to clubs.

2. Stop taking taxis
Taxis are expensive unless you’re lucky enough to live in the same place as your friends to split the cab ride. However, consider alternatives such as checking up on late night buses and trains (assuming you’re not fully drunk yet), or taxi alternatives such as Uber. If you can drive (sober), borrow a friend’s car or consider a car-sharing service such as Car2Go.

3. Stop buying drinks for everyone
This tends to happen more when you’re in a club, but seriously, you gotta stop buying shots for everyone. If it’s a birthday, then yes, treat your friend to a shot or two, but don’t buy your entire group of friends shots.

If you guys are planning a huge ass “let’s get wasted” weekend, nobody is going to remember you buying them a shot. You can spend up to $35 on a shot for a person and they won’t remember it. Many of us assume that the next friend will buy the next round, but that usually doesn’t happen. That friend couldn’t care less that you’re taking care of another round of shots, as awful as that sound. They’re probably shit faced already!

Buy shots for yourself. Once you start buying them for your group, they’ll expect you to do the same for the rest of the night.

4. Avoid cocktails 
Skip those stupid fruity cocktails that’s eating up your bank account. Cocktails are normally filled with more ice cubes than alcohol. Switch to beer (on taps). Not only is beer cheaper, but they come in a bigger bottle/glass for half the price and they taste great too! (PS: if you’re looking for a guy, guys like it when girls drink beer *winkwink*)

5. Keep items with you at all times 
The amount of things my friends “misplace” when they’re drunk is such a wasteful of money! This is a no brainer but I feel like many of you guys still forget to look after your cellphones/cameras. If you’re going to be piss drunk, give your valuables to your best friend to look after! I’ve been to so many parties where girls would leave their phones lying around on a table and forget about it. Many of people are nice enough to leave it alone but nowadays you can’t trust humanity as much. When I’m not going to drink as much, I don’t mind looking after a few items while my friends are drunk. I return it once they get home or the next morning.

I like to carry a smaller bag when I head out for the night. Not only is it small enough to stay with me at all times, it’s small enough so I consider the necessities for the night instead of throwing in things “I might need” and have the risk of losing more items.


Have a great weekend and stay safe!

One thought on “Five Ways to Party Smarter (Financially)

  1. Amen! I completely agree with you about clubbing. It's fine in a big group for a celebration but with a smaller group what's the point? I'd much rather just have a few quiet drinks somewhere with friends most of the time!


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