Recipe: Garlic Avocado Snack (1-2 Mins)

In my household, we are considered “healthy”. Actually, I’m the only one that isn’t too crazy about being healthy. I would still prefer McDonald’s over the task of cooking dinner…

So, when I finally had my first taste of avocado a few weeks ago… holy moly, I am in love! I don’t know why I never had avocados before nor do I understand why people would waste a perfectly food avocado on their face.

I’m not the cook in this household and in the relationship. As much of a princess I sound, I order out or get my food cooked for me (hurray for finding a man that could cook, eh?).

But, I managed to prove some good use in the kitchen. I’ve been cooking my favourite avocado snack and if you don’t like avocados… then I don’t even know you!

What you need:
1 avocado
1 small clove of garlic
1 pan

1. Cut your avocado and peel them. Dice them into small cubes.

2. Set aside your diced avocados. Grab your garlic clove and dice into small pieces.

3. Set your pan on your stove to low. No need to add oil or anything. Toss the avocado and garlic in.

4. Stir them around gentle for about a minute or so. You will start smelling the avocado and garlic really soon.

5. Enjoy!

The garlic isn’t a strong taste when you eat it but you can definitely taste something different with your avocado instead of the usual taste.

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