First Week of August in Instagram

Can you believe there’s only one month left of summer?!

When I reflect back on my summers back in high school and now, I feel… old. I remember my high school years spent wasting my parent’s money (sorry!) with friends at the mall or the park and doing crazy shit.

And now? My summer is spent indoors at work or at school… fuuuuuuun! I mean, don’t get me wrong, I can throw in some fun days here and there, or a mini vacation, but it’s the not the same, you know? It’s not the same as the carefree summer days back in high school.

//1// #ItItOctoberYet? I’m really missing my Canucks boys! //2// Cafe Crepes with Regine and Arcelia on a nice Wednesday afternoon //3// My letter from the RCMP. Funny story: my dad thought it was a letter for the downstairs tenants but when he saw “RCMP”, he instantly “knew” it was a letter for me… geez, thanks Dad, for thinking I’m so involved with the police! //4// I purchased new goodies! I was trying to save my money but ended up forking over $60 at GNC for my bottle shaker and protein powder.
//5// Henna tattoo from the India Live Festival on Granville over the weekend! //6// Clay Hot Pot //7// In class, fueling with coffee with my friend, MJ!

I get the feeling that August is going to fly by pretty soon – which also reminds me that Canucks tickets are on sale soooooon (for the single games!). I’m wrapping up my final course (Leadership) and then my commencement ceremony is being held next month! So surreal to be a graduate already! And yes – it’s a great feeling to be done with school while all my friends are dreading the start of a new semester… hahahha!

Along with the wonderful Instagram photos, this week also included: debating on renewing my Steve Nash gym membership ($35/month) or switch to She’s Fit ($15) buuut Steve Nash is walking distance for me – lit. 5 mins, and with the colder weather coming, it’ll be more convenient.

This week also consisted of me leaving my previous co-op job with the hostel. It was sad to go, seeing that I’ve met a lot of great people and enjoyed my employment perks, but since I’m graduating next month, it’s time to look for something bigger and better! A new challenge for my growing career!

I’m also trying to gain weight. I’ll document my journey on getting fat (or attempting to) for y’all.

Oh yeah, for all you beauty buffs out there… I just discovered BB Cream… woooow.
#magical #flawless #iwokeuplikethis

2 thoughts on “First Week of August in Instagram

  1. Oh my gosh, I have been looking for protein powder and I have no idea which one I want to buy! #noob haha. I'm going to be doing some intense research and getting some soon! Also, henna tattoo?! SO COOL. I have been in love with them for the longest time! I have been debating about whether or not I should purchase a kit from Amazon! Haha. Looooove. Good luck with finding a new workplace and "getting fat" ha. You, getting fat? Don't make me laughhhhh 😉


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