#2014BloggerChallenge – New Beginnings


This is the first September that I’m not going back to school.

It feels odd to say that I’m a college graduate. I know I should feel excited that I’m done this chapter of life but I feel so… bleh. I feel like I’m struggling.

I miss being a student. I miss seeing ads on the television advertising back to school sales. I miss meeting my professors for the first time, and going into a classroom to see new faces. I miss the buzz of everyone talking about school.

Though, I’d tell you what I won’t miss: exams.

However, being out of school proves to be a whole new challenge.
The challenge to get a job.

And no, I’m not talking about part time jobs in the mall folding clothes – I’m talking corporate jobs. The kind that pays your bills and perhaps get a new car, etc.

This is my new beginning. Find a job. I’ve sent out hundred of resumes, had a few unsuccessful interviews, got three interviews lined up for me on Monday, and the struggle is real.

It’s a new chapter in my life. A chapter of a 9-5 full time job. A chapter of meeting tons of new (professional) people. A chapter of bills to maintain. It’s the “real world” chapter.

But, I do plan on going back to school in the future. Probably part time and online, so I can hold down my full time job.

In the meanwhile, my new beginnings haven’t officially start until I found my first job. Wish me the best of luck in landing something!

3 thoughts on “#2014BloggerChallenge – New Beginnings

  1. I wish you the best of luck Jess! I was so stressful looking for an internship last summer, I can imagine how it's even more stressful for you now! I'll be in your position next year and I feel like my time is running out… On the other hand, one of my friends who's going to graduate with me has already signed a full time employment contract with Microsoft right after he finished an internship with them… -__-


  2. Best of luck to you too! It's so hard to look for a job while you're still in school because no employers are willing to wait, but as soon as you're out of school, no one responds, haha. I wish I had the chance to get an internship through my school 😦 maybe that would've been a bit easier! Your friend is sooooo lucky to find full time employment AND it's with Microsoft!


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