My Mini Astrology/Life Reading Session


Over the weekend, I got my (Chinese) astrology chart read by Jerry when I was visiting Regine at Holt Renfrew. It wasn’t a full on report about my life as some people may assume, it was a short session considering that he was doing it for free for Holt Renfrew customers.

In our mini session, after giving my birthday (not time because I wasn’t sure about my birth time), I was told this:

  • 2016 and 2017 will be successful years. In terms of what? I’m not sure, but I believe he meant overall.
  • My career will not ‘pick up’ until I’m 30 (assuming that I stay in the HR industry).
  • That being said, he recommends me to go back to school and study management such as properties management or project management because that’s where the “money is in, for me”.
  • Between the ages of 53-55, something bad will happen like being retired (I’m not sure if he meant being retired due to poor health/physical problems, or retired due to wealth).
  • My ideal age to get married is 31. I told him I wanted to get married by 25-26ish but he said it’ll most likely lead to divorce (and another friend read my palm before and said I’m going to get divorced…)
  • As I get older, I’ll encounter back problems and stomach problems (perhaps, linking back to his predictions of ages 53-55).
  • He doesn’t see much moving around, but if I were to leave Vancouver, he said it’ll have to be somewhere warm. I told him about New Zealand and he said I should avoid that area since it’s surrounded by water (he told me water is bad for me [my element, earth]).

Do I believe in this stuff? I don’t know… I mean, I think it’s odd to be able to read someone’s life (and personality) just from a birth date. But, my friend pointed out that people have been reading stars since… forever. And, sometimes, when I read traits based on Libra/Rooster, I feel like it’s pretty accurate.

It’s against Christianity to read into your future because it’ll be like going against God’s plans for you. Personally, I believe God much more over than an astrology sign, because… well, God’s plan is customized between me and God. Whereas, this astrology reading is geared towards everyone born on October 20th, 1993.

However, it got me surprised when he said I’ll encounter stomach problems because right now, I know my stomach isn’t the strongest organ in my body and my diet contributes to that too. I want to say, I can change my path, but my friend (who believes in astrology reading) told me it’s impossible to avoid these predictions.

I won’t lie to you though, my current tabs are opened to various local schools that offers Project Management programs. – What do you think? Do you believe in astrology readings? Have you had your life read before?

4 thoughts on “My Mini Astrology/Life Reading Session

  1. haha that sounds so interesting! I love reading horoscopes and things like that, but I never really read too much into them! Plus, isn't there that psychology effect where you can believe general statements are about you? I feel like I read something like that recently! I kind of want to get my chart read, because it sounds really interesting and like a lot of fun!-Sisihttp://www.modernbeautygirl.com


  2. Im so into astrology and always looking up personality traits about myself. Thats pretty cool about your reading. At least you will be able to have an idea and take precautions. Who did your reading?


  3. I got my chart read by Jerry King; he's based in Vancouver but travels a lot around the world to do lectures and teachings. Surprisingly enough, I asked him since I already know the "future", can't I just change my course of direction and he said, you can delay it, but it'll happen eventually.


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