What's so Funny About my Tattoo?

As a person that’s officially inked, I experienced a whole new negative feeling ever since.

The feeling of sadness (a bit of embarrassment) when someone laughs at your tattoo.

Prior to being inked, I’ve never laughed at someone’s tattoo, unless they’re extremely stupid (we’re talking “tattoo fails”) because I’ve always figured that their tattoo means something to them. Weather it’s a quote or even the overrated dragon designs. If I saw a HP tattoo, I’d be amazed! I love HP (and would consider a HP tattoo as my third). Harry Potter may be a series to some people, but to me, it taught me valuable lessons about life.

Because, after all, if someone is getting something permanent on their skin, who am I to laugh without knowing the reason behind it?

Before my tattoo session, a classmate (whom I dislike a bit), asked me what I was going to get as a tattoo. I told him, “Be at peace, not in pieces.”

And he had the nerves to laugh and say, “Okay, now say that with a straight face”.

Another time, I had my school director asking to see my tattoo and then laughed at it.

More recently, a good friend made jokes from my tattoo and my future tattoo too.

It got me embarrassed for a while until I thought, screw them. This tattoo means something to me. This quote means a whole lot to me.

I swear, I could punch these two jerks right in the face for laughing at it. It’s a simple quote that means a whole ton to me. But, because it means nothing to them, they laugh at it – right in my face.

Society will always judge and laugh, regardless. But, in all honest, if you don’t know the story behind my quote, you’ll looking like an idiot. Or, if you’re going to laugh at my quote – laugh behind my back (like a little pu$$y).

I’m still going with my second design:


I still wish I can punch these people in the face.
Actually, one of them is planning to get a tattoo – I should be a bitch and laugh at his.

Take a lesson; don’t be an ass and laugh at someone’s tattoo without knowing their story behind it.
Take your laughter out on these:


4 thoughts on “What's so Funny About my Tattoo?

  1. never let them hold you back, it's your tattoo, your body, and you can ink whatever you want! loving upcoming design btw 🙂 i think it'll look fab


  2. Ignore what people say. Like the comments before me, it's your body so you can do what you want with it. I have had a lot of judgement from my choice of tattoos as well, so I can understand where you're coming from. If you still love them at the end of the day that is all that matters. I think your tattoo is awesome and I love your second design! 🙂


  3. I agree with Kimberley, what's so hilarious about your tattoo? People are such assholes. I can't believe they'd be so obnoxious as to laugh right in your face. They deserve to be bitched out!


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