App Review: ProCapture for Android

ProCapture Camera on Google Play Store

I don’t like paying for phone apps. That being said, I normally go for the free apps.

Since switching over to the Samsung S4, the one thing I missed most was the Apple Camera. I loooved that app, considering I was a big fan of Instagram and selfies. The first thing I noticed about the S4 camera was the lack of features I usually use and the poor quality of the front camera.

I searched the Play Store for a camera that was really similar to the Apple, or at least, gave me the options I wanted (which was different ratio sizes of pictures). I stumbled across ProCapture Free which was limited but I fell in love with it that I ended up coughing up the $2 but the full app (it was 75% off too).

Just recently got addicted to Once Upon a Time!
At a first glance, you’ll notice the camera layout is much different than the native camera application. With ProCapture, you’re greeted with many options on the top of the screen. A handy feature I love is the little counter on the bottom that tells you how many photos your memory is allowed to store and on which setting.
Aspect ratio has a lot of settings, and the famous setting of all, 1:1. Square photos for Instagram!
The little button in the red box is a mini toolbar that accesses your settings, pictures, video camera (which switches to the default camera) and the button to switch to the front camera.

Aside from its vast options to allow you to get the perfect shot, ProCapture also offers screen touch shutter which allows you to take a photo just by tapping the screen instead of the blue button. It doesn’t have the speech shutter like the native app does.

However, despite the extra buttons you’re required to touch to get to the front camera, there is also a few drawbacks of ProCapture.

For instant, the camcorder is not built into this application. It’s a shortcut to the default camera in video mode. I don’t shoot much video so it doesn’t concern me that much, but I would have enjoyed it more if it was integrated with ProCapture.

Another big thing that bothers me from time to time is the delay of saving photos. You’ll be greeted by this lovely progress bar whenever you’ve shot a photo:


Rest assured, the delay is only about a second or two long. Which also means you need to consider the burst mode. I’ve tired the burst mode and in between each shot, there’s a longer delay time which means all three burst photos weren’t crisp or “in the moment”. In most cases, you wouldn’t mind the one second delay if you’re taking a photo of your food or a selfie. But, do keep in mind if you want to snap photos all night long, you’re probably best to use the default camera app as it handles burst mode better.

Now, another big bonus in addition to the features is the quality of the front camera. Prior to getting the S4, I never realized how shitty the front camera is. I know it’s a 2MP camera, but the iPhone’s front camera is 1.2MP and gives me good quality.

I guess, because it’s 2MP on a bigger screen, the quality is blown up. So, yes, if you’re planning to get the S4 (and maybe even later models), be aware that the front camera is SHITTY. We’re talking webcam shitty.

ProCapture’s quality for selfies is sharp and crisp. I believe the processing process enhances the pictures quite a lot.


If you can tell, the default camera creates a slightly blurred photo. But you can tell by the texture of my skin and hair that it’s a poor quality – everything seems too smooth, like a fake airbrush. On the other hand, ProCapture snapped my selfies in a sharper, non-blurry quality. It doesn’t create that awful airbrush quality or anything. The colouring is much brighter too.


Another example of side by side camera action for the back camera at full 13MP. I was extremely steady with the default camera when I took a photo of my papers. Even then, you can tell the blurriness on the business card.

And, my favourite feature, it the lovely ratio aspect of 1:1 aka square photos for Instagram.


With the default camera app, you don’t have the option to take square photos BUT you can use other applications to share your selfie without cropping it. I did noticed the amount of white space when you choose this option because the S4 has a 16:9 ratio so the pictures are really big which equals to a lot of border space when you import it into an square application. That’s ugly. (To fix this, take your pictures in a smaller ratio).

All in all, ProCapture is worth the tiny $2 (when it’s on sale), even for those who aren’t professional photographers. It offers much more features and better quality than the default camera can ever offer you. If you don’t mind the one second processing delay for your photos, you’ll fall in love with this application too.

The best part about Google Play Store is the ability to get a refund. If you don’t like the application, you can return it within 15 minutes. Or, just download the free version to play around. Honestly, the best camera in the market to replace the default camera.

One thought on “App Review: ProCapture for Android

  1. Since I upgraded to iPod touch 5, I am AMAZED by Apple camera. Seriouslyyyy! I hated the front camera on my galaxy tab. I am kind of the same when it comes to buying apps, I would rather having the free ones 😉


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