My (First) Solo Trip to Seattle, WA

After my ever-so dramatic proclamation about how much I hate my life, I booked a Greyhound bus to Seattle for a night (trust me, I would’ve stayed longer if budget wasn’t my issue) and officially crossed off 1) Travel alone and 2) Have a last minute vacation off my bucketlist… although, I don’t know if I consider this a vacation but.. whatever, I like crossing things off lists.

Greyhound station, Vancouver, BC

Bright and early at the ugly Greyhound terminal station in Vancouver. I took this place for granted when I realized how even more ugly (and shittier) Seattle’s Greyhound station was.

An annoying couple decided to sit behind me – the boy wouldn’t stop talking and laughing nervously like he’s trying to impress the girl. And, I can tell that the girl was uninterested and just wanted peace and quiet.

Bellingham, WA
Everett, WA

Speaking of which, along side with this being my first solo traveling experience, I also experienced my first Airbnb reservation – which turned out to be an annoying experience.

I arrived in Seattle about 10AM and it took me about 30ish minutes to find the Merchant’s Cafe, the building I was staying in. Not only did the owner, D. not give me any information regarding check in time, check out time, etc. etc., I got there at about 10:35AM and the doors to the cafe (where I was supposed to pick up the keys) were locked! The itinerary for my stay said “flexible check in time, flexible check out time” which, like anyone else, would assume the place would be open by the time you arrived!

I started freaking out – I don’t have internet connection on my phone (roaming is a bitch to pay!) nor did I write down her phone number (stupid, but I trusted she’ll be there by the time I arrived). I asked a few people if they knew when this place opened and nobody knew. I eventually found a Starbucks at the end of the block and connected to the wifi and sent a message to D. but she didn’t reply back.

I decided to check the place out again and at 11AM, the doors were finally opened. The bartender told me that check in is actually at 2PM, so I was stuck with what to do. He told me to visit the Pike Place Market, about 15 minutes walk and get some food. I figured, why not? I somewhat enjoyed that place last time I was there… I also stopped by Target because I love Target.


By the time I arrived back at the cafe, it was 2PM, BUT, lo and behold, another issue arrived. I wasn’t in the scheduled book so the bartender talked it out with D. Even after they sorted out the room problem, I was delayed for another hour or so because the housekeeper was still cleaning up my room… fun, eh?


The room I booked was like a studio apartment. There was a nice little kitchenette in the room for those staying longer to cook. I personally didn’t want to use it because I have trust issues with cleanliness.

Skid Road
Chief Seattle

After a short nap, I headed back outside to Spooked in Seattle and did their Seattle Haunting tour…

Which, let me just said, was pretty decent!

Seattle Underground Shop. The walls you see are the actual original structure from the 1800s or so!

During the ghost tour, we toured a few of Seattle’s Pioneer Square haunted buildings, in which he also provided videos and actual photos of that site. He also played us audio clips.

You know what was more scary?

The fact that the building I was staying at, Merchant’s Cafe, is really haunted. In the basement of that building, there was a fire that killed two children. There’s proof (video and photo) of their presences in that room that was shot by tourists too. At one point, someone with a DSLR camera couldn’t get their camera to work but the moment we stepped out of that building, it was working fine. When she described it, the tour guide said a few other people had the same red screen.


The building is also significant because it stands in front of the old lynching trees were men have died. It’s said that their spirits haunts a few hotels around the area.

Needless to say, I was a bit afraid of sleeping alone that night…

Also, the neighbourhood wasn’t the safest either. I got a bit paranoid that someone would break in…


Can’t deny myself of selfies in Seattle, right?

Traveling alone is quite the experience. I enjoyed it, being on my own. As an independent person, it suited me well that I did things on my own terms without needing to consult someone. I faced my own problems.

It was scary; Seattle is close to Vancouver but I felt so disconnected from home that gave me this vulnerability that something could happen and I can’t reach anyone. It gave me the chills when I called it night to be sleeping alone in a sketchy neighbourhood. I was paranoid someone would break in or climb through the windows. I left the TV on throughout the night just to make it look like I was still up.

But, at the same time, I was told to keep an eye on everything and take precautions when traveling alone. Growing up, my parents always left the TV on when we went out for dinner to make it look like we’re home.

Would I travel alone, again? Of course! This was such a short trip but I felt more confident about myself. I can’t wait to tackle a bigger and further city!

I never realized how much I adored Seattle… it’s such a nearby city that I wouldn’t mind moving to Seattle… but, we’ll see about that. Being Canadian, it’s tough to let go of that “built in” bully to Americans, haha. We just like to laugh at them a lot.

6 thoughts on “My (First) Solo Trip to Seattle, WA

  1. Hahaha! I remember taking the Greyhound to Seattle a few years ago and seeing the their station downtown… I was like, "Are you kidding? THIS is Seattle's Greyhound station!?" Not very attractive, indeed.I'm glad you were able to travel safely. It's quite liberating to be able to get away from your own city for a day or two and just have time for yourself and to reflect. 🙂


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