Whaaaaaaat a Week!

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AU Represent!

Where have the week gone?!

Last week has probably been the fastest week I’ve had in the past month or so… sad, eh?

Well, it’s all thanks to my new university. After waiting for hours in the lobby for the mailman to drop off my textbooks, I started doing my daily study grind!

And, here’s where the truth comes in:
For the past week, I’ve done more reading and assignments than my previous uni years… combined!

I’ve never been more motivated and honestly, I’ve been “attending” school everyday because my lazy ass doesn’t need to spend an hour getting ready and riding the Canada Line to school… so yes, I think my investment towards an online university is soooooo much better than attending an actual school.

And, not to mention, I feel uncomfortable know that there’s sooooo many units left (for this specific semester, I only got about 2 months to finish 4 courses), I continue my studies through holidays and weekends… so, essentially, no breaks for me!

How’s my classes so far?
Cultural Anthropology:Umm… where have I been without cultural anthropology?! I adore this class! I love cultural studies so taking this fills me up with goodness inside me. It’s interesting (did you know in New Guinea people sprinkle urine on the corpse??…) and fun for me. It does require a lot of note taking but it’s always worth it.
Culture Studies of Everyday Life: This is literally studying people’s everyday lives. Yes, I didn’t know you can study everyday life but I believe it falls under anthropology. It’s super easy with easy assignments and minimum note taking.
Religion in Pop Culture: This is my first ever religion course and I’m indifferent about it. I thought it’d be interesting, and a part of it is, but most of it, I just get by. It’s nice to learn more about religions in this world, but the pop culture we’re studying is a bit old…
Canadian Pension Plan: I think I hate this course. I’m so happy there’s no midterms and finals for this course, because, trust me, I think I would fail or barely pass that shit. The textbooks are horrible and boring… and long. The course itself isn’t even as interesting as I thought. I took this as an required HR elective. If anything, this course makes me worry about my future pension plan…

Aside from a hectic school week, this is also what’s new:

  • I joined Steve Nash… yes, $45/month, and I ain’t wasting money so I’m gonna make it worth while!
  • It’s my birthday in 8 days and I honestly don’t give a shit about my 21st. My birthday makes me feel bitter because of last year.
  • I was supposed to go to Portland for my birthday,  but I’m soooo extremely pissed off at my friend, I’m willing to throw my prepaid $270 (ticket and accommodation) out the window. And no, I don’t care if my friend has to waste money and booked time off from work.
  • I’m officially cutting back on spending… maxed out both my credit cards from student fees and I hate having maxed CCs.
  • I need The Sims 4… I really do.
  • I need to catch up on my blogging… literally, ever since school started, I needed to say goodbye to Sims 3 and blogging 😦

One thought on “Whaaaaaaat a Week!

  1. Great post. I sooo agree – I really DO need Sims 4!!! hahaha love it! Would you like to follow each other on GFC?! Let me know and follow me on my blog, I will follow you right back on both GFC and Bloglovin!xxAnniewww.the-lostangeles.blogspot.com


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