Halloween 2K14

I hate Halloween.

I mean, I enjoy the decorations and the atmosphere it generates around people and of course, the Halloween TV specials, but otherwise, I hate Halloween.

Especially since nowadays all the costumes are soooo slutty revealing, even the little costumes for girls! I remember when my witch dress came all the way down to my knees when I was in the 6th grade and now girls that age are wearing leather short skirts and shorts shorts!

Anyways, I didn’t decide to celebrate Halloween this year… literally, this was me:


I did legs day (and yes, my butt hurts!). I bumped into Tania at the gym and we both decided to hit the Downtown strip to see what’s happening for Halloween. It’s super last minute and as you guys all know, all clubs and social houses are ticketed events because it’s Halloween and being the cheapass as I am, I ain’t buying no $50 ticket and then spending ten thousands on drinks…

So, we settled for The Cambie – literally the only place in Vancouver that probably wasn’t sold out or ticketed! Plus, free coverage too… and drinks are hella cheap there ($4.75 jug of Molsen Canadian?!)



Waiting for the cab during a peak night leads you to do stupid things like take selfies.

Literally, the cab took 30 minutes to get here!

Of course, if you haven’t figured it out yet – I’m an 80s girl. My friends are a pilot and a Greek goddess.

2014-11-01 16.20.25
Cuz… it’s only $5…
2014-11-01 16.22.02
2014-11-01 16.22.21
2014-11-01 16.22.48
2014-11-01 19.21.08
Pissed drunk right here.

The night was great! Chatted up with a group of fantastic people (bananas, Freddy, kitty cat and… alien). One of them is a local tattoo artist that has a great portfolio so I might hit him up for my next tat… which… will… be… soon….


NEVER stay out late on Halloween without a car! We spent ages trying to get a cab and because it’s Halloween, peak hours are from 3AM – 5AM… yeah… walked around downtown trying to pick a cab UNTIL we got lucky and this cab driver picked us up before ending his shift… so happy!


And, of course… ended the night with (shitty) pho.
This thing probably prevented me from throwing up, LOL.

Hope your Halloween was fantastic!
I can’t believe November is here…

4 thoughts on “Halloween 2K14

  1. Sounds like your Halloween was a lot more exciting than mine was! Haha. I spent the night studying and going to sleep early 😦 Only one more week to go then I can go absolutely mental! Woohoo 😉 😉 Can't wait to hear about your new tattoooooo. I'm thinking of getting my last one over summer too! Hooray!


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