Can We Snapchat?

*This is my procrastination post. I should be studying for my midterm right now…

Ugh, I know I’ve said this about a thousands time but seriously, I’ve neglected this blog.. .again. It’s been almost a month and I just got around to changing my profile to update my age to 21… T_T

Here’s the good thing about being a student: I can use any excuse containing school, assignments and/or studying and you can’t deny it. Because… that’s what… students do…
So yeah, school has been taking up most of my time BUT trust me, I want to get back into blogging, SO MUCH that I’m gonna make a separate Google calendar to get back into blogging… hopefully, once a week?

So, let’s play catch up again:


We celebrated Tania’s birthday at Red Robin’s! This is actually my first time trying out their onion rings and daaaamn, I could eat that right now!


Cold climate has reached Vancouver. All I want to do is stay in my blankets… seriously, it’s freezing and my apartment is cold!


I’m currently prepping for my midterm and final exams for this semester. I can and I will brag that I finished 4 courses aka one semester in 1.5 months. That’s the results of motivation and dedication. I’m still in awe that I’m capable of that. Granted, I did hate my pension plan course but I enjoyed this semester!


Remember how I joined the gym? One month later, I got a stronger back (look at that back muscle!) and a butt. I mean, it’s not MUCH but it’s still SOMETHING! Especially as a flat and thin girl, booty and muscle means something! I recommend doing soooo much more than just squats for those who want a booty… I did a two weeks squat challenge and the results are nowhere near this!


This time around, I chose to get Ticketmaster to send me the Canucks tickets BUT they’re not like the Canucks designed tickets… do you get what I mean? lol, ugh, these are so ugly. Plot twist: these tickets aren’t for me. I purchased these back in September for Sukh’s birthday (which is in Jan).. yeah.. I like to think ahead. I hope he likes them (and brings me along! LOL I know it’s a gift and I originally want him to go with his bro buuuuut… c’mon, I want to see my favourite boys in action!)

Before haircut

So, I got a haircut! My aunt couldn’t tell the difference so in case you’re like her too, I got a styled hairstyle. Since my pixie cut grew out, I had an ugly tail and it was a shapeless bob. I decided to get it stylized (above) with bangs and everything in the same length so it’d grow out nicely. Seriously, this is the last haircut in a while… I’m determined to grow my hair out! I might get highlights…


Perks of working at a dessert bakery?? Staff discount! I got this mousse cake for only $2… ugh, this place will get me fat, haha.

So, aside from studying, that’s what I’ve been up to lately!
Add me on snapchat!
You will see my face… a lot.

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