Too Close for Comfort (First Date Turn Off)

This happened once upon a time ago.

I met this guy, we’ll call him… Ian.
Ian and I hit it off very well. Conversation was flowing, no awkward silence, and mutual interests.

The first day we met, he ended up kissing me. A little bit by surprise buuuut what the hell, it happened. We agreed to go for a movie next week.

Fast forward a next few days we met up again on Tuesday. Keep in mind, this is our second time out together.

Like everyone else, the first thing we do is hug each other… that’s pretty common, I do that with a lot of my friends. And then he kisses me on the cheek :/ this makes me irk.

After purchasing our tickets, we were deciding which popcorn drink combo to buy. I was facing the boards, and his body was turned sideways, facing me.

Seriously, the next thing I know, he has his arm around me and starts moving closer to my face. Like, it looked like he was sniffing my hair and then trying to bury his face in my shoulder.

C’mon, buddy.. .we’re choosing a popcorn combo, NOT trying to get sexy time. I’m not oppose to PDA but it’s not the right time, you know? We’re trying to get food!


After the movies, we went to Chapters, a big bookstore. We got to the section where it’s a bit more empty because no one goes towards the New Age and philosophy section. Plus, it was late in the evening already.

So, I’m just browsing books when he’s behind me and literally starts putting his hands underneath my hoodie.

Now, let me tell you one thing. It’s cold, so naturally I wore a cami underneath my hoodie (normally I don’t wear anything) and tucked it into my jeans because the cami was longer than my hoodie.

THANK GOD FOR THAT CAMI FOR BREAKING THE SKIN TO SKIN CONTACT! He pulled away shortly when I moved to another section. Again, he comes up from behind, puts his hand underneath my hoodie, and starts kissing my ear.

Ugh, seriously, we’re in a PUBLIC BOOKSTORE. Not even a taxi! It’s not a “private” place or like a quiet corner at a club. We’re in a bookstore with people browsing for good books.

I told him no and he instantly pulls away like he’s just woken up. That’s want I noticed. Ian is like in a daze when he gets touchy and pulls away like he’s done something wrong.

This is a huge turn off for me. I don’t mind if a guy is touchy if we’re in a relationship. I don’t mind being touchy in public if it’s in a quiet/private area.

But honestly, second time meeting up and your hands are all over me? I would be extremely uncomfortable if I didn’t have my cami on. I cringe just thinking about the possibility of skin to skin at the bookstore.

Ian told me he’s a touchy type but I didn’t think he was THAT touchy. I was so embarrassed by the way he acted when we were in the theaters and can’t even imagine what the security cameras must look like at Chapters.

Sorry, Ian buuuut… being that touchy after knowing each other for only a 1.5 weeks is such a turn off!

And, when we parted ways, he kissed me a few times, it was even disgusting for me to do that in public. A quick kiss is okay, but ughhhh stop kissing me like 10 times just to part ways!

8 thoughts on “Too Close for Comfort (First Date Turn Off)

  1. That's hilarious, goodness. But sounds hella uncomfortable. I'm against PDA too. I refuse to hold my boyfriends hand in front of people we know. And in public we wouldn't have any cuddling or so. Wowow. Good thing you got out of that.


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