5 Reasons You Should Invest in a Personal Trainer


I don’t like spending a lot of money on my services, I mean, c’mon, a girl gotta save for better things!

However, I do believe in investing on good services such as my education and yes, my personal trainer.

I feel extremely high maintenance to admit that I have a personal trainer but I know I need one.

I’m not particularly aiming to lose weight or change the way I look. I joined the gym because I realized how unfit I am and I wanted to gain weight (which in this case, is muscle) to be 110lbs so I can donate blood.

I have friends that are body builders and gym rats but they live mostly in Surrey and Richmond and they got a membership to their local gyms and don’t want to pay the drop in fee for Steve Nash ($20-$25). I mean, why pay an extra $25 when you’re already paying for a gym, right? Plus, not to mention the driving cost and parking for my friends.

I ain’t holding a grudge on them or whatever, but it would’ve been cool if they were willing to train me instead. And, training a newbie requires A LOT of sessions which I wouldn’t want them to pay and travel to my local gym for all those sessions.

Which is why I chose to invest in a personal trainer at Steve Nash and while it is pricy, I don’t regret it and here’s why:

1. I’m New
I’ve been the gyms but I don’t know what to do or how to use most of the equipments. On top of that, I don’t even know where to start. My PT showed so many workout moves that made my sessions fun! She also taught me how to use the machines and which machines to stay away from for my health and body. PT are there to be supportive and they’re patient, especially with newbies like me. I gained a lot of information on working out, nutrition and my body since training with my PT!

2. Motivation
I’m a lazy person. The fact that I already paid for my PT sessions makes me attend them to get my money’s worth. On top of that because I’m visiting the gym a lot, I feel motivated to attend even after my sessions with my PT. The motivation eventually turned into my love for attending the gym and it wouldn’t happen without a PT. She taught me how fun the gym can me, and how the gym isn’t intimidating.

3. Corrections
We can all go on FitSugar to get all the workout steps and there are videos and GIFs to demonstrate it but keep in mind these are professionals. No amount of details can make sure you’re doing your work out properly. I thought I knew how to do squats but it turned out I didn’t! I was doing one thing wrong which was throwing my entire squats off! My PT ended up fixing a lot of my corrections from lifting weights to push ups and even to my squats. A proper stance when doing workout makes sure you get the entire benefits of working out without straining any muscle or body parts. Really important that you don’t injury yourself!

4. Nutrition on the Go
When you start committing to the gym or any physical activity, you need the correct diet to provide energy. My PT helped me out with nutrition and what’s good for me and what’s not. I’m a junkie – I look candy, junk food and fast food. Since hitting the gym, I haven’t eaten fast food in forever! I opt for healthier choices and since exchanging numbers with my PT, she’s always there to guide me through my options and what’s the most beneficial for me!

5. On-going Support
Once your session with your PT is over, it’s not the end. You’ll form a friendship by the end of it all, trust me. You will get on going support from your PT whenever you stop by the gym. They’ll check up on you and even give you advice as friends and not as a coach!

I know personal trainers can get expensive so make sure you put a lot of effort into your sessions! If you’re dying to get a PT, consider asking for a payment plan. I’ve done it and split my session into two payments to make it more affordable for me.

For those who are workout queens, consider a free PT evaluation to ensure you’re having the correct posture for your workout! They’re only 30 minutes and free!

Personal trainers are an investment but if you’re serious about your body and health, it’ll pay off when you know how to workout correctly and safely. I honestly don’t know what to do for firmer arms and bigger butt but after some sessions, I feel confident enough to start working out on my own and even give advice to others!

Good luck for those who are starting a new lifestyle (for the new year, perhaps??)!

One thought on “5 Reasons You Should Invest in a Personal Trainer

  1. I'm considering getting a PT next year! I love the gym but I want to learn some new things as well 😀 I figured getting a PT was the easiest and least "scariest" way of doing that. I tend to either over do it or under do it…I don't have a happy medium (like most things in my life) hahaha. I'm glad you've gotten so many benefits from them! Definitely, definitely interested in getting one now 😀


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