The Problem with 'Half Liking' Someone

You like the next person that comes into your life.


“Half liking” someone is dangerous.

You think you like them, but you’re not ready to fully jump into a relationship with him. You accept his habits and interests despite the fact that if someone else had them, you’d be turned off. He makes a great friend, someone you can hold a conversation and trust.

You wonder if he’s a rebound. I mean, if you didn’t consider him as dating potential, why now?

You get comfortable. You may have even daydreamed what it’s like to date him. You get bummed out when he doesn’t reply to your texts.

But, it’s dangerous.

It’s dangerous because the moment someone else walks into your life, you’d easily develop feelings for the new guy. Because “half liking” is like dipping your toes in the water. Yes, there’s a potential to jump into the lake once you get the feeling of the water and enjoy it. But, there’s also the possibility of jumping into the lake because someone else is in the lake. Not your special friend, just someone else.

Someone that has the passion and spark that your friend doesn’t. And probably would never have.

My friend once told me, if there’s no spark the moment you meet… there’ll be someone else to ignite you.

2 thoughts on “The Problem with 'Half Liking' Someone

  1. This is the most relatable blog post I've probably ever read! Thank you for putting how I feel into actual expressible words! x x


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