The Two F's: Fat & Fired

What these past few days as brought for me!

On Tuesday I woke up without the desire to go to work. The bakery and I just no longer work. It’s mundane and boring. I’m not really developing or improving any skills nor was I challenged. I decided to pull a no show and spent the day relaxing (and brain storming for an excuse to why I didn’t show up).

Wednesday, I was talking to my ex and some how we ended up on the topic of working out. I told him I weight about 105lb now and he pretty much said, “You looked better when you were 90lb.” and “You’re getting fat”. Yup, I’ve never been called fat because I’ve been naturally skinny all my life but damn. That shit hurts. Especially coming from someone you love. He tries to explain that he’s not being mean or anything but it’s the truth. This year, one of my resolutions is to be able to donate blood and that requires you to be 110lb. So I started hitting the gym with a personal trainer to reach that weight goal buuuut… now I’m actually feeling a bit self conscious.

Wednesday was also the day of my Canucks interview for a retail position. I don’t think it went really well because it was extremely short (he only asked three questions) and he didn’t ask for my references list. Granted, it was an open interview and he may have rushed it so fit others into the time slot buuuut… it’s a fail. Plus, I’m off on vacation for a month so I doubt that would want to wait for me to come back when there’s so many others that can start ASAP.


Which leads us to today…

Just now I found out I got fired for my no show… which I guess you can say it’s a good thing. I’ve been struggling with finding a way to quit the bakery after my vacation and this just takes that stress off. I have nothing against the bakery but it just wasn’t my thing. I need interaction with new people and co workers. The bakery was suffocating me in so many ways. I’m not even gluten intolerant!

However, I do appreciate my months while employed at the bakery. I learned so much about gluten free products and gluten itself. I don’t know where else I could use that knowledge but at least I’m not too dense about it anymore!

So, cheers for another new adventure!

(and a cup of vanilla latte to “cheer me up”).

3 thoughts on “The Two F's: Fat & Fired

  1. Oh man! Life is always throwing problems, don't let them take hold of you. I am glad you're not in unwanted profession anymore. Get a cool job & being a tad bit fat isn't bad, trust me!


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