Recapping my China Feb. 2015 Trip

I’m back!

Last month, I took a somewhat of a last minute month long vacation to China (and we all know how fun the internet can be in china…. /sarcasm). This is the first time I’ve experienced Chinese New Year in China. I don’t have a gazillion photos to share with you guys or any tourist-like photos because I’ve been back to China so many times, it’s honestly not worth taking photos of. I did take a few when the event was interesting.

To recap my trip, here’s what happened in Feb. 2015:

  • 1.5 weeks into my vacation, I got food poisoning from bad seafood. It wasn’t nice. I threw up a total of 7 times that night before my dad took me to the hospital. Here’s the thing about Chinese hospitals – they believe IV fluids can fix anything… and they’re right! I’m amazed that I got rid of food poisoning in ~2 hours! Back in Canada, it took me 1.5 weeks to get everything out of my system! However, to do the IV, they need to give in some injection into your buttocks… yeah, I have no idea why Chinese people like to stick needles in bums.
  • My grandpa’s 80th birthday was huge and festive. It cost a few thousands to throw him a party.
  • Chinese people take CNY seriously. The students have the entire month off and workers have one to two weeks off… seriously, I would like that!
  • Sushi sucks back in China.
  • I found bubble tea for $1CAD.
  • These folks KNOW you’re a foreigner. I may look Chinese and even without speaking to them, they know instantly that I’m not a local… insane.
  • I lost weight than I gain weight… gotta start over for my goal now 😦
  • I did homework… sad, I know. But, the benefits of online schooling is that I can do it whenever and where ever. Otherwise, when I come home, I’d be stressed out trying to finish all my assignments.
  • I met my uncle for the first time despite me hanging out with my cousin and aunt a lot
  • I also developed a soft spot for a particular toddler…
  • My dad bought a 4 bedroom condo… why 4 bedroom? Because it was the only one left in the building and he really wanted to live in that building. He also got it for dirt cheap. It’s still under construction but from the renders, there’ll be a swimming pool, gym and mall downstairs! I’m pretty jealous already…
At YVR, about 2 hours before departure.
Here’s the thing about my dad and I: we don’t eat breakfast… so, this
meal was extremely hard to eat at 9am. No appetite whatsoever but I
needed food before getting on the airplane.

The flight itself was 13 hours… ughhhh. I killed time with a lot of Harry Potter movies.

Another sunny quiet day in the village…

We went to Enping, Guangdong, China. It’s in southern China so the weather was extremely warm and humid. It’s better than freezing winter, to be honest!


I find it disgusting that people in China purchase live chickens. I mean, there are chickens sold dead but majority of people prefer to buy a live chicken and prep them at home. And by prep, I mean… kill and pluck all the feathers out. Yuck.

Food and prayers for my ancestors and grandma! That pig is well around 50kgs
Grandpa’s birthday!

Grandpa’s 80th birthday was celebrated with a big festive with big crowd and big fireworks. We went all out.


This is the toddler that captured my heart. Her name’s Mina and she’s 19 months old. She’s pretty tall for her age. She looks like a boy because of the lack of hair for her age and gender so I always tease her about it. She has quite a personality!


I got my hair done and let me tell you a story. I told the stylist, with pictures, that I wanted beach waves as a perm. He nodded and said it can be done. Lo and behold, a few hours later…. I look like I was a 40 year old woman. It was soooo bad, I actually wanted to cry. My dad ended up yelling at the stylist and demanded he fixed it asap. I didn’t want to stay in the salon for another hour so we went back another time and got my hair straightened out instead. Ugh, I can’t imagine coming back to Canada with that perm!


We went to Jiangmen, a bigger city that’s about 1 hour away. Jiangmen is famous for its seafood. You can buy your own seafood and bring it to the nearby restaurants to have it cooked. The seafood there is much bigger than here in NA! It’s literally shrimps on steroids… which, I wouldn’t be surprised LOL.

And no, this didn’t give me my food poisoning. Another seafood dinner did. I was the ONLY one that got sick that night so lucky me for picking out that one bad oyster, haha.


People shop in alley ways like this… smelly, dark, and wet.

Why? …

This is like a real life version of those $20 cooking games… honestly,
I would’ve burnt them all… how can you cook so many dishes at one

In some ways, sushi in Enping is more expensive than in Canada. And it’s worst.

Chinese people can’t cook steaks… they just can’t…
This is a wonderful example of direct literal translate.
Foot massages for $15CAD! It’s sooo comfortable, I miss that woman rubbing my feet…
My village does a big fireworks/firecrackers show. See that stream of
firecrackers? Picture that running through a big city… it doesn’t stop
for at least an hour!

Prepping for Chinese New Year means streets and streets filled with flowers!

Firecrackers in the works. My eardrums felt like they were going to explode! And yes, there were times when the streams stopped midway from exploding and that’s pretty scary. There’ll be a guy that would relight the explosives!

It’s been a fun month, however, I think I got enough China trips for a while… I don’t see myself going back there anytime soon until I probably get married and all the Chinese folks will probably stare at my interracial marriage.

3 thoughts on “Recapping my China Feb. 2015 Trip

  1. Oh my gosh, I can't believe people buy LIVE chickens, just what? I would go there with the sole intention of buying every chicken to start a chicken farm and save them allllllllll. Haha. I'm not a morning breakfast person either! I'm good with a cup of coffee..until like 11am then I'll tear off your arm if I don't get something to eat. I've never had bubble tea! I feel like I'm missing out on something now! Massages for $15? Count me in!


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