Call Me Professor ;)

Coming back from vacation sucks… especially when you went during the start of your semester.

I’m not blogging as much until I catch up on my school work and feel satisfy with my progress!

BUT, if you haven’t follow me on Instagram, you’ve missed an important new chapter of my life:


I got accepted into the only instructor’s program in the province!

Which means, I can teach!

It’s not a Bachelor’s of Education (but I am considering a Master’s in Education…) but I’m okay with that. This diploma allows me to teach adults and focus on adult education which, for me, beats teaching little kids and teens. I can’t image being surrounded by teens…

Being accepted into this program means I’ll also be the youngest person enrolled (and possibly graduate from the program). On my application, I explained that I’m in the process of obtaining my Bachelor of HR and my background in various educational settings. I told them my 5 year plan as well. I didn’t think they’ll accept me without my credentials buuut… it happened!

It’s always been my dream to teach and it’s finally coming true. I would still love to obtain a position in the corporate world and this degree was aimed towards my later years in life when I’m close to retirement and decide to teach PT at local universities or colleges.

A lot of my friends congratulated me and support me on this new chapter of life. I’m excited to graduate and be able to teach. It’d be weird considering I’ll be teaching people about 10-20 years older than me while I still look like a 16 years old buuuut hey, their problem to underestimate me. It’ll probably be weird teaching people my age or college freshmen but it’s still pretty exciting to share my knowledge and shape education!

Lastly, this is what happens when you’re suffering from jet lag:


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