Tips for Finding What You Want to Study in University (Without Breaking the Bank)


Post secondary is an investment. It’s an expensive investment towards your future.

I was lucky enough to find what I loved to do early into my post secondary career but many people aren’t. And one of the most common responses to university is that they don’t know what to study and can’t afford to “waste” money on general studies to find their passion.

I agree with that. I can’t see myself ever spending $700-$800 per course just to see if I enjoy Criminology or Social Work. Testing the pool of majors isn’t the same as choosing classes for your electives – most of the time, we take “fun” classes as electives while working towards our designated degree. Whereas, these people aren’t taking the class for fun; they’re taking it to see if they can have a future in this field (which, can be fun, but you get my point).

There are many ways to branch out and discover what your interests are and weather you can picture yourself working in this field without breaking the bank (because we need to save those pennies towards your actual courses)!

Drop into a university lecture

For most part, many university lectures don’t take attendance (and even if they did, it’s a big lecture hall…). Take a seat in the back and observe the lecture. Simple as that. You can get an idea what economics is like, or how boring history is. Of course, sometimes you can’t judge base on one day but for the most part, you get a general idea what you’ll be spending your next few years studying.

Apply to your local colleges

Colleges are cheaper than universities. They offer much more flexible classes and “fun” classes as well.

Register for night classes/community classes

Night classes are usually skills-based classes but you can still figure out if you enjoy it or not. For example, a popular choice would be a language class or a cooking class. From there, you can determine if you want to pursue a degree in a foreign language or attend a culinary school.

Buddy up with a friend

If you have a friend that’s attending school, ask him/her about their experiences with their classes. Take a peek at their textbooks and see if you enjoy the material. School textbooks are much different that those “dummies guide to ____” books in your local bookstore.

Check out courses online

There are a lot of free (and paid courses for credits) courses on the internet! Many of these online courses are offered by top universities around the world. You can get an idea of what going back to school is like and what the material is like.

I’m an advocate for school! I love learning and exploring educational options.

Now get out there and learn!

5 thoughts on “Tips for Finding What You Want to Study in University (Without Breaking the Bank)

  1. It's definitely hard for students who don't know early on in university what they want to major in–it can slow you down and make graduating more expensive. Or–some students make it through several years of school before finding out that they're in a track they aren't cut out for–one of my friends, in his final semester had his student teaching practicals, and found out that he really wasn't a good teacher at all. He didn't pass that semester–and at that point? What can you do? Your entire college education was focused on one career that you now won't be in. That's a tough place to be.


  2. this is such a lovely summary guide for students thinking about which career they want to embark in. thanks for dropping by my blog jess! and I'm loving the new website! I was wondering where you went for a while there 🙂


  3. Education can be a scary investment! My friend is wrapping up her engineering degree and during her last year, she realized engineering isn't what she wanted to do and wanted to focus more on math. Right now she's just stuck between pushing through and completing her degree or essentially start all over again (and add more debt).


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