That Moment When You Realize You Got a Year Until Graduation…

I did the math and realized I got a year until I write my last final exam of my undergrad.

That means I got a year left to “get my shit” together. I don’t even know what my shit is.

Last week, I attended my cousin’s UBC graduation and it’s surreal to know that I’d be up on a stage in one year, receiving my undergrad.


And yes, even though it’s my cousin’s graduation, I’m still an attention seeker and need to be in the middle of all the selfies. (My camera, my center, LOL).

All I know is that I’m powering through my last year and motivating myself to keep pushing. My mentality is, one more year, one more year, one more year…

I got one year left to save all the money I can possibly earn. I have on year left to gain more hospitality/tourism career experiences. I got one year left to figure out what I’m going to do in Wellington (banks, phones, rent, etc. etc.). I got one year left in Vancouver and one year left with everything and everyone I love in this city.

It’s slowly hitting me… slowly.


4 thoughts on “That Moment When You Realize You Got a Year Until Graduation…

  1. I felt the exact same when it was one year until my high school graduation (I never finished college). More than ten years later, I know that life goes on and it's a continuous learning experience. You don't have to hav eit all together after college or when you turn 25 or 30 (eek, that's next year for me), etc.


  2. I dropped out of college after one year but I remember feeling this way in high school when I realized that I was about to graduate and that EVERYTHING was going to change. It's so crazy! I can't believe it's been 4 years since I walked across that stage… if I had not dropped out of college I would have graduated with a degree last month – now THAT'S crazy!!


  3. I got a few friends that are going back to school! It's never too late to finish up your degree 😉 I'm all for education, regardless of where you end up! Maybe take some courses online so you can still maintain a full time job!


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