My Worst Jobs Ever

This semester, one of my courses is employment law and while reading through the textbook, it got me thinking about all the horrible part time jobs I’ve had in the past.

3. Sweeper at Playland

Playland is Vancouver’s amusement park and opens every summer. This was my second job and the place where I met my ex-boyfriend. As you can imagine, I didn’t give much thought into the positions I was applying for and settled for a sweeper after hearing how easy it was.

The people I met there were great but it was a bit miserable. First of all, you’re walking around the same area for 8 hours in the blazing sun. Secondly, it’s embarrassing to hold a broom and pan when you see high school schoolmates and good looking guys. Trash itself wasn’t so bad, it was more of the conditions we were in that made it miserable. I decided to go back for another year and within one or two weeks into it, I cried and quit.

It was a great summer job (it paid more than minimum wage) but I won’t openly admit that I used to be a sweeper, haha.

2. Sales Associate at Forever 21

Forever 21 was my first job in the retail industry and I would probably have to thank F21 for giving me that opportunity. Forever 21 was somewhat a nice place – I met a lot of great people and interesting people as well.

I didn’t like the management. I felt they were extremely rude and unhelpful. I also don’t like their policies. As someone that likes to chat and make new friends, I was extremely unhappy to learn that we couldn’t talk to our co workers while working on the floor (even if it was dead). We are given 15 minutes break but no one was ever on break with you.

You know the accessory table in Forever 21? Well, near the end of my employment, they were constantly putting me on accessories and you can ONLY do so much walking around a single table for 5-6 hours. I dreaded weekend shifts A LOT because it was a full 8 hours of walking around one stupid table.

In the end, I ended up pulling a no show because it was stupid. I wasn’t going to walk around a table for my entire shift, have rude ass management breathing down my neck and no opportunities to socialize with my co-workers. It was a good retail opportunity but if things haven’t changed since I worked there, I wouldn’t recommend my future kid to seek employment with Forever 21. I don’t know how some of my friends managed to stay there for years.

1. Front Counter at a gluten free bakery

This might be the worst job I’ve ever had. I was completely miserable. I dreaded going to work even though I lived 5 minutes away from it. I thought of every excuse I could make to avoid going to work or quitting.

Like I mentioned, I enjoy meeting new people. This bakery is family owned so there was only a handful of employees to work with. The bakery had about 5-6 staffs and I don’t talk to the bakers that much so I only had one “friend” there. I don’t like small staffs – it makes me feel really uncomfortable because I’m always stuck with the same people; I know that doesn’t make sense but I like to have my co-workers alternate from day to day while I’m on duty.

I don’t even enjoy gluten free products. I had to learn all these things about GF and how the bread tastes, etc. etc. it took a lot of bullshitting. I quit the job before my month-long vacation to China and wouldn’t look back it. It was a successful bakery but definitely not my thing.

I’m a great employee but at the same time, if things aren’t benefiting me, I’m not afraid to leave your ass for a better job, haha.

4 thoughts on “My Worst Jobs Ever

  1. That forever 21 job sounds awful. It sounds like one of my old jobs, actually. I worked at this tiny little accessories/jewelry shop which I swear was like an 11×11 sq foot room. I was only hired part time like 4 hours and the managers there told me I can not sit at all. It is so exhausting to stand and walk back and forth in this tiny little store (Plus suuuuuper boring) so I feel your pain about standing/walking around the table.I have actually considered applying at Disney world to be a janitor-type employee. Just because I would get to walk around the park… But yeah I'd probably feel embarrassed if I saw anyone I knew. Plus it's Florida and I know id be dying from the heat!


  2. I don't know how you can survive that! I wouldn't be able to do that for more than a week or so! Small stores and small teams just doesn't go well with me – I'd feel extremely unchallenged and awkward because there's no one else to talk to aside from the same three people everyday or something, haha. Disneyworld sounds like an amazing place to work, and maybe even as a janitor, haha. I heard the perks are pretty good but Florida heat is too much


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