Chasing Your Dreams is Scary


I’m constantly talking about moving to New Zealand and pursuing my career and dreams halfway around the world and everyone looks at me like I’m a brave soul with a big adventure ahead of me.

And, you know what? I probably do have a big adventure ahead of me.

… if I can get over the initial fear of chasing my dreams.

I’m more afraid of chasing my dream career than moving to New Zealand, to be honest.

Which is funny, right? I mean, leaving the city behind is more scarier than trying to fit into a new workplace.

Recently, I was given an opportunity to pursue my dream career. It’s not a guarantee but it’s a big open door to getting my foot into my career field. I talked to my manager about getting a (HR) job in a hotel and it turned out that my manager’s sister is actually an HR Manager in Fairmont Hotel, one of the biggest and prestigious hotels in the world. He told me when the time comes, apply online and he’d talk to his sister about my application. And, because I’m still a full time student, my manager is willing to talk to her about my hours as well.

Otherwise, I can continue my employment at the gym as a receptionist/representative.

Reality is, I’m afraid to apply online and tell my manager to e-mail his sister. I’m afraid of pursuing my dream career. I’m afraid of getting my first “real” Human Resources job. Hell, I’m even afraid of getting a front desk job at a hotel. Anything that’s related to my dream career/job industry, I’m afraid to get.

I’m making excuses to tell myself that being employed at the gym as a reception is the best. It’s extremely stable (in terms of hours) so I can still balance school. I’m comfortable with my manager and my co-workers. A receptionist in the gym’s front desk is related experience to a receptionist as a front desk. I won’t get stressed out. Longer employment looks great on my resume, etc. etc.

Then I started criticizing myself. What is I’m not professional enough? What if I don’t possess any professionalism in me? What if what I learned at school isn’t enough in the real world?


I’m at that stage in university where I have three semesters yet – about a year until I can apply for graduation. I’m at the stage where I should consider my career, but at the same time, I’m being inspired by so many people to drop everything and travel the world. To get a working visa and work in various cities and get culturalized.

Everyone is telling me, 20s is still young. You have years to build a career.

I’m being told that 30s is the new 20s – 30s is the start of your career, a serious relationship and family. 20s is still time to explore and have fun. A time before settling down for your life.

I’ve never worked in a hotel before so I don’t even know if I want to pursue a career in hotel management/tourism/hospitality. I’ve never been exposed to a HR career but yet I’m pursuing an entire degree in Human Resources and hoping for the best.

Everyone makes graduating to be fun and it probably is but I don’t think I’ve been more scared in my life than at this moment.

Dreams are so scary.

2 thoughts on “Chasing Your Dreams is Scary

  1. I agree, dreams ARE scary. I would love to be a graphic designer at a magazine but I am too afraid to even apply to any type of graphic design job. I would also like to work at a library, but am too broke to go to college for it. Wah. Maybe I will try and volunteer!


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