EP. 3 | A Day in Auckland & EP. 4 | Poutine Vlogs (New Zealand Recap pt. 1)

Happy Monday!

After one week of returning to the motherland, I’ve finally gotten around uploading my vlogs and choosing blog posts photos for my New Zealand trip.

If you don’t know, I travelled to New Zealand back in February to meet up with Kendel from Little Misadventures – talk about a bloggers meet up, eh? Before you get all antsy to comment about how unsafe it was to travel overseas for a stranger, Kendel and I have known each other for ~4ish years already?? We message each other every single day and we skype at least once a week. Literally, Kendel knows all my dirty little secrets, haha. Personally, I would advise against travelling overseas for a complete stranger without prior contact and established friendship.

Another part of my trip to New Zealand was also to check out the country. I’ve talked about moving over there but I needed to see the country beforehand. The two weeks in NZ, we hung around Auckland and I also checked out Wellington.

I did not know YVR had a life size chess board!

Air New Zealand is probably the best airline I’ve ever flown with! Delicious food, extremely comfortable seats, great entertainment selection, and awesome staff!

Flying to NZ has been the longest trip I’ve ever taken. It was about a 15 hours flight but extremely comfortable with Air New Zealand.

Canada meets New Zealand!

First meal in New Zealand!

It took some mental adjusting to comprehend that I’m half naked in the middle of February!

I chose to land on a day where Kendel had to write her last final exam sooooo the first day, we chilled at the beach for 20-30 minutes (got a tan!) before I spent about three hours in the mall by myself because Kendel was off writing an exam, haha. We also caught Deadpool which was a pretty good movie! Did you know kiwi movie theatres has NO ADS?! I mean, the theaters back at home probably runs about 2-3 ads before the movie starts and the rest are entertainment news and about 3-4 trailers buuuut to arrive early and all you see is trailers is amazing!

Of course I need a photo with an award winning chocolate ice-cream…

If you haven’t watched the vlog, I mentioned how awesome it is that NZ’s Chinese New Year is celebrated over an entire weekend in such a huge park ground. We only celebrate CYN with one 2-3 hours parade the following Sunday of the New Year Day.

I think in total, the first day we walked about 12km!

I wanted poutine and Kendel was interested in trying poutine as well so we Googled where is a good place to grab some. The restaurant was the bomb dot com and one of the things I would miss dearly!

I was really bummed out about the whole astronaut experience thingy. I legit thought it was a hands on experience and not just a crummy kids video! Most of the stuff I knew already from Chris Hadfield and various space movies.

Over the next couple of days, I’d share my recap of my two weeks New Zealand trip last month. Hope you enjoy them!

One thought on “EP. 3 | A Day in Auckland & EP. 4 | Poutine Vlogs (New Zealand Recap pt. 1)

  1. Seems like you had a blast! New Zealand has never been really high on my travel bucket list, but seeing your pictures really make me want to go!Ameliehttp://awanderersadventures.wordpress.com


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