Poshmark Tips & Tricks for Buyers

Okay, I have a new addiction. It’s Poshmark. And I absolutely hate it and need help because it’s damaging my wallet right now… so to speak, lol.

Following my previous few posts on adapting a more conscious and sustainable lifestyle, and my Poshmark haul, I thought I’d share some tips and tricks for buyers. I’m new to Poshmark but it’s definitely a fun place to shop second hand and being an addict, I’ve learned a lot about the market fairly quickly.

#1 – Ask, ask, ask!

Seriously, just ask the seller any question that comes to mind! When I first started, I was shy because any comment/question you ask, it’s public for everyone to see. So, if someone previously didn’t ask what I was wondering about, it sat in my “Likes” section for ages until I was no longer interested in it or it was purchased by someone else.

This is so different than shopping online with a retailer because returns are basically non-existent. You can only return items that were damaged or misrepresented – not because you didn’t like the color on you or the sizing was off.

Ask for more pictures! Ask what the measurements are! Ask what is the style/name of the item is. If you have any doubts in mind, you have to erase them by asking and not assuming anything based on pictures.

(If you’re really shy and don’t want to ask – try Googling the brand and see if you find any similar or exact item. Bonus if the seller lists the name’s item and you can dig through the internet to more details, reviews and pictures).

#2 – The “Offer” button is your friend!

Never pay the listed price. From Reddit, sellers admit to pricing items high because they know buyers will always negotiate. Unfortunately, the thread didn’t say how they mark it up but don’t be afraid of the offer button! I’ve never had a seller reject my offers and if they counteroffer, it’s usually only by a dollar or two. I generally like to ask for $10-$20 off depending on how much I want the item and the quality of the item. I will always ask for a minimum $10 off the listing price because I feel like the discount will offset the shipping.

If you don’t know… shipping on Poshmark Canada is $12.99 plus taxes! Sometimes, $9.99.

#3 – Like, like, like!

I heart EVERYTHING and ANYTHING I see that peaks my interest and leave it on my “likes” page for a while. I guarantee you, within 24 hours or so, the seller will offer you a private discount with $9.99 shipping. That’s how I ended up getting my Marc Jacobs bag! It was the seller that reached out to me first after I hit that like button on her bag.

#4 – Be patience.

Alright, unless you’re butt naked right now, there shouldn’t be a reason for you to hit that “Buy Now” button. At all.

Instead, hit that like button and be patience. Hit that offer button and be patience. Like I mentioned before, a lot of sellers will either accept your offer or send you a private discount. I noticed this is especially true for items that has been sitting there for a while.

#5 – Bundle if you can!

This can be a toughie but if you found a seller that has multiple items that you like, add it to a bundle and either offer or wait for the seller! I found 3 work out beaters for Dan from the same seller that saved me $12 from instant bundling. I let it sit for a day, and the seller offer additional discount. Unfortunately, I chose not to order it.

#6 – Always check locally.

I get it. Online shopping is waaaaaaay better than in stores. But you’re on Poshmark for a reason – to save money while shopping for neato items. Poshmark items will 10000x always be higher than your local thrift store. Always. Poshmark is a side hustle for a lot of people so they need profit margins as well. Some of them go to thrift stores to source items to sell back on Poshmark.

Despite how fun Poshmark is, I always have to remind myself to check my local Value Village first before jumping online. I mean, some items I know I will never find (for example, designer bags) but for sweaters, jeans, tops, etc. – it’s worth to shop offline first. Especially on Poshmark CA, the shipping costs definitely adds up!

#7 – Be wary of sizes. Always ask for measurements instead!

Because you’re not in person to try it on and returning items on Poshmark is difficult, always asks for measurements instead of relying on the generic size on the label. Every brand fits differently – it’s not consistent in fashion. And, for whatever reason, the brand you recognize may fit differently as well.

I purchased my first pair of Lululemon leggings last summer and when I saw some brand new ones in the same size but significantly lower – I jumped on them. $50 Lulu leggings that are new?! Unfortunately, when I tried them on at home, they fit more snug than my other pair.

#8 – Check once, check twice!

Always triple check the description! Read it thoroughly because sellers can sometimes mislead buyers! Triple check the pictures as well and never be afraid to ask for more pictures or more clearer pictures.

#9 – Stay in your comfort zone.

This may make you cringe but play it safe on Poshmark. Shop for brands you recognize, or heard good things about. Search any new brands online and see if anything pop ups and what their quality is like. I’ve seen listings from sellers posting purses and dresses from AliExpress and marking them up on good decent amount.

#10 – Go in there with a limit.

It’s so easy to go nuts on Poshmark – I mean… look at me. But shop with a limit in mind. For me, it put a limit on every item I am interested in. For example, I was eyeing a sweater that was listed at $50. I offered $40 but she countered with $45. Despite how neat that sweater looked, it didn’t warrant my $45. Sure, it was an extra $5 but on top of shipping as well? It adds up. I don’t care if the name brand item originally costed $300 – I just don’t want it and cut my losses the item crosses my limit.

Because you have your payment method stored on the app and you see all these name brands at super discounted price, it’s so easy to spend! Just make sure that the item you’re buying is worth what you’re paying!

Happy hunting! Do you have any favourite tips and tricks with Poshmark? Do you even like Poshmark? I really wish it has better content OR cheaper shipping for Canadians.

2 thoughts on “Poshmark Tips & Tricks for Buyers

  1. Wow! I feel like that liking things & waiting for an offer from the seller sounds like a top secret tip lol. I’ll have to remember all these if I ever hop onto Poshmark. 🙂 Thank you for all the awesome tips, girl! ♡


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