Product Review: Dorco Shai 3+3 Razor (LSXA1000: Soft Touch™ 6 Blade System for Women)

With warmer weather coming around, it’s getting pretty obvious it’s time to whip out that best friend you call a razor!

Recently, I’ve had the privilege to be contacted by Dorco to review one of the best selling razors: The Dorco Shai 3+3.

Upon first review, the packaging is quite simple. Like any razor, it proves to be a bit difficult to open up. The back of the box explains the razor’s top features such as 6 blades, lubricating band, and ergonomic handle for every turn.

Gorgeous colours! I love pink feminine products. It comes with a nice home that you can stick on your shower, however, for me, I keep my razors out the shower until I use them.

The grip of the razor is amazing! I think it’s one the best razors I’ve ever held. I don’t know about you but I love having that sense of control and grip when I shave. In my previous encounters with some razors without the grip, I’ve manage to make a few cuts here and there.

How well does it perform?

  • 6 blades made my shaving process super smooth and slightly faster than the other razors. The rubber grip around the razor combs the little hair up to get a closer shave. This is the first razor that shaved so close to my skin that I didn’t need to go over the area with a tweezer. It also didn’t miss any hairs whatsoever!
  • The ergonomic handle was pretty cool too. I think it’s the first razor that I’ve seen that actually bends on its head to match your body’s curves. Unlike previous razors, I had to nip a few hairs around my knees but this ones glides over it without any cuts and shaves off the little hair around the area.
  • However, the lubricant is lacking. I have had the Venus razor and that was insanely lubricant that I didn’t need any shaving gel. This one however, despite the mention of a lubricant brand, doesn’t give out any lubricant when wet. I was disappointed with the lack of lubricant because as a lazy person, I like my products to have a 2-in-1 sort of deal, especially when it comes to shaving as we all know shaving can be a hassle.

Overall, for the price of the razor, it’s quite comparable to the top names, if not, slightly better. The rubber guard proves to be a great additional feature for combing up hair for a closer shave, but I wouldn’t use this razor to shave my bikini area, solely for the reason of the rubber. The rest of the body such as legs and underarms is a definite win!

Close up of the blades and rubber guards.

Final verdict?

  • Ideal for legs, underarms, not for bikini area
  • Cheaper than leading brand names. If you don’t care about name brands, you can save a ton of money without sacrificing quality.
  • Have a can of shaving gel in handy in case your razor doesn’t provide much lubricant. 
Product: Dorco Shai 3+3 Razor / LSXA 1000: Soft Touch 6 Blade System for Women
Brand: Dorco USA
Price: $5.95
Rating: 4.5/5
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Lastly, all US orders over $25 and all Canadian orders over $40 qualify for free shipping.

*This product review was provided by Dorco USA but all opinions are 100% mines and honest.

Product Review: Garnier Fruictis Damage Eraser

I’m back with another product review on the new Garnier Fruictis Damage Eraser all thanks to Influenster!


This was my first Voxbox so I was extremely happy. I was chosen because of the condition of my hair: damaged, dull, no volume and no shine.

The Garnier Fructis Damage Eraser claims 90% of hairs strength reconstructed from root to tip.

Before Garnier chose to send me the samples, I’ve always enjoyed their products. I loved how they have a wide collection of scents to choose from, and they always left my hair feeling soft.

The Damage Eraser line includes:

  • Fortifying Shampoo: Reconstructs and preserves strength for strong hair that looks rejuvenated.
  • Fortifying Conditioner: Reconstructs and preserves strength for strong hair that looks rejuvenated.
  • Split Ends Bandage Serum: Each drop helps to prevent split ends and reconstructs and preserves hair’s strength.
  • Strength Reconstructing Butter: Rich, indulgent butter is designed to intensely reconstruct hair’s strength for strong, rejuvenated and shiny-looking hair. Use weekly for optimal results.

From the Influenter Voxbos, it didn’t include the reconstructing butter. My experience? I loved it. Simple as that.

The scent of the shampoo wasn’t fruity, but it didn’t smell bad either. The conditioner made my hair the softest I’ve ever felt. Once the conditioner was washed off, oh my, my hair was super smooth and soft, I literally couldn’t stop touching it. I’ve never used a split ends oil before so this was my first. My hair is damaged due to the colouring and after the first couple of uses of the splits end serum, I’ve noticed my ends were extremely healthy. Personally, I don’t like using oils because it leaves this scent and oily feeling on your hair and hands but surprisingly, the oil doesn’t stick to your hands after rubbing it into your hair. Nor does it leave a scent! That’s a big bonus for me – oil without the fuss.

The next morning, after air drying my hair, I’ve noticed the smoothness of my hair. Volume has increased, especially in my bangs! I couldn’t keep them flat whatsoever. My hair bounced much more when I’m walking. As for shine? I felt like I could see it in specific angles of lighting, but in general, I didn’t notice any shine.

Garnier Fruictis Damage Eraser

In conclusion, if you have damaged and no volume hair, I’ll recommend this line. Out of all the shampoos I’ve ever used, I think I saw significant improvement on my hair from the Damage Eraser line. If you’re not interested in the shampoo and conditioner for whatever reason, I highly recommend the splits end serum. I’ve never had such ease with oils before and this affordable little product did repair my splits ends. Ever since using it, I haven’t gotten any – and this is coming from someone that regularly dyes her hair!

*Disclaimer: This is a sponsored review from Influenster and Garnier, however, my opinions on these products are entirely mines and 100% honest.

Product Review: Burt's Bee Ultra Conditioning Lip Balm

Guess who finally finished her first Burt’s Bee lip balm?! I ended up going to Target to get a new lip balm but unfortunately they ran out of the peppermint one that I used last time (yellow stick above) so I ended up grabbing the ‘Ultra Conditioning’ because I can’t stand the grapefruit scent.

The ultra conditioning is said to give you at least 4 hours of moisturizing. Whenever a product claims to do a certain thing for a certain amount of time, I tend to look past it. However, the lip balm did do about 4 hours moisturizing (and more sometimes) BUT to be honest, I think Burt’s Bee products are all moisturizing.

There is no scent to this lip balm. I mean, it’s a undescribable small scent but it’s not overwhelming. When you apply it, it’s glides super smooth and it leaves a glossy look on your lips.

Sometimes, within two or three hours, once the lip balm is settled and dried on your lips but still moisturizing, it feels funny and eventually I start picking on my lips. I never had that problem with the peppermint lip balm, so perhaps it’s the additional moisturising ingredients.

Overall, as soon as this stick is complete, I think I’m going to switch back to the peppermint lip balm. I miss the cooling effect, smell and the matte finishing from the peppermint. The Ultra Conditioning is perhaps tooooo much moisturizing for my lips. This product might be suited for someone with extremely dry skin and/or wants/needs the additional moisturizing.

Without lip balm. Notice the small patches of dry area.

Instantly moisturizes my lips!

Product Review: Rimmel London's Lasting Finish Lipstick in #170 Alarm and #010 Dizzy

I’m a big fan of Rimmel London. To be honest, I was a bit biased when I first started using their product line because back in 8th grade, I was IN LOVE with London so you can guess that I went straight to Rimmel London when I first purchased my make-up.

However, despite my biased love for London, I enjoy their products because they fit my budget and their quality is super nice (according to my standards).

Today, I’m reviewing Rimmel’s Lasting Finish Lipsticks in both shades of #170 Alarm and #010 Dizzy. I originally got these two lipsticks because of the price and I was in need of a lipstick.

Overall //
The colours of these two lipsticks are bold. I can’t find another way to describe the colours but bold. They glide easily on your lips and as Rimmel describes it, it is long lasting. If I don’t eat anything, it can last for hours. That being said, Lasting Finish lipsticks transfers to utensils/napkins easily (and your significant other, haha). However, if your lips have a tendency to be dry, I would stray away from the lighter colours, such as this shade of pink (#10 Dizzy) because you can easily see the little dry bits of your lips. The darker colours, even this shade of red (#170 Alarm) “hides” the bits of your dry lips. 

Once applied, they dry up instantly (well, it’s not like it’s wet when you first apply it), and for some reason, I find myself pressing my lips together when I’m alone. They’re dry but they’re STILL SMOOTH! I also loooove the fact that it doesn’t transfer onto my teeth whenever I’m talking. I’ve seen bad pictures of victims with lipstick-stained teeth and to this day, these lipsticks still hasn’t transferred to my teeth. Even when I accidentally bite on my lips.

Packaging is nothing special. The cap pops up easily for fast application but not easy enough to ruin your bag(s).

When wiped off, the darker colours fade a bit lighter and the lighter colours is practically off your lips.

Who would I recommend these lipsticks too?

Someone that’s looking for a good quality lipstick on a budget. It’s long lasting, so you wouldn’t need to spend a few extra funds to get the lipstick that’s advertised as a long lasting wear. If you’re easily embarrassed about the stains being left on your Starbucks cup, I wouldn’t recommend it and invest in a non-stain lipstick/lip stain. 

Also, when purchasing keep in mind about the shade. I’ve noticed they’re bolder/brighter when applied on.

Wearing Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick in #170 Alarm. The shade of red is quite bold and I love it.

Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in #10 Dizzy. It’s a brighter shade when applied. With lighter colours, the chance of having your bits of dry skin on your lips is much more visible than the darker colours.

Rating: 4/5
Quality: 4.5/5
Price: 5/5
*Disclaimer: This is not a paid review. The opinions
written above is based on my own experiences provided by my own money. I
am no way affiliated with the company in any way.

Product Review: Nivea Sheer Comfort Deodorant

Two of Nivea’s deodorants: (L) 24hrs Sheer comfort and (R) 24hrs Invisible For B&W

How often do you see product reviews on deodorants? I feel like many people are shy about deodorants, and I mean, it’s usually linked to body odor so I can understand but… it’s like a daily necessity to put on (even in the winter!).

Anyways, today I’m reviewing Nivea’s deodorants. When it comes to a few products like shampoo, deodorants, body wash, etc. I don’t have a favourite brand so I tend to try something new whenever I get the chance to. The reason I picked up Nivea’s deodorants was because 1) I’m familiar with Nivea skincare products and 2) being cheap, my drugstore had a buy one, get one free promo for Nivea deodorants so I thought… why not try it? I save $4-5 in the long run!

Well… much to my dismay, the sheer comfort was a big disappointment. I hated it within the first few days of using it.

Aside from it being the “wet deodorant” (as in, it’s wet when you apply it and you have to wait for it to dry), it was FAR from 24 hours coverage AND it did not smell pleasant whatsoever.

It’s my mistake for not reading the bottom to see if the deodorant was wet or dry. However, the 24 hours coverage that Nivea promised is a lie. For example, when I put it on before leaving the house for school, by the time I got home, I can smell my body odor, and this is a total of… six hours (including commute time). And it’s not like I’m exercising for a marathon so to be able to smell my odor within 6 hours already, is just shitty quality. There are days when I will apply deodorant and not do anything but stay at home and within a few hours, there’s already a smell.

I tried many different coverage levels like 1-2 layers to 4-5 layers to see if it’ll make a difference for the smell, but it’s still the same result. And trust me, it’s not my body; I’ve used Dove and Lady Speed Stick which last me a full 24 hours, with no BO scent. Nivea, however, didn’t last me 24 hours AND it had an awful smell of the deodorant’s scent (spring fresh) mixed with body odor. It soaked through my clothes which also left a horrible smell. Compared to Dove, Dove left a smell but it left a nice flower-y scent.

Like I said, the scent of the deodorant is pleasant (the generic spring/flower scents) but it mixes up with body odor REALLY easily which is really disgusting.

The quality of the deodorant is so-so. Although it’s a wet deodorant (I’m not a fan of it), I felt like Nivea’s deodorants are much “wetter” than the usual ones. It left white marks around my armpit area that I need to wipe off before throwing my clothes on. Quality of coverage and scent is horrible as explained above.

I wouldn’t recommend purchasing Nivea Sheer Comfort Deodorant. I was so put off by the poor quality of it, I haven’t tried the B&W one. It’s a disappointment considering I enjoy the Nivea products. We all know what a deodorant is supposed do, but this particular product does the OPPOSITE.

Save your money and go with another brand.

The one I’m currently using. THE BEST I’ve used ever!

I personally prefer Dove and Lady Speek Stick (both dry sticks). What about you?

*Disclaimer: This is not a paid review. The opinions
written above is based on my own experiences provided by my own money. I
am no way affiliated with the company in any way.

My adventures with liquid eyeliners (with mini product reviews)

L-R: Ever Bilena (Filipino brand) / Revlon / Landbis (Japanese brand) / e.l.f.

Look, can you believe I’m actually doing a blog post about make-up and beauty?! In case you haven’t picked it up from my previous beauty posts or introductions, I was a late bloomer with make-up and since I didn’t have anyone to officially teach me how to wear make-up… I’m not a big fan of make-up and my ‘daily look’ literally consists of eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick/lipgloss. Some days, I’ll throw on blush or just one shade of eyeshadow… yes, one shade because I don’t know about brow bones and don’t know how to blend.

I don’t even think I’m using my products properly, haha. But that’s alright, in the end, I look decent enough to go outside and my boyfriend doesn’t even know I don’t know anything about make up.

Anyways, last night I bought the Revlon Colour Stay liquid eyeliner pen and I’m super excited to use it tomorrow to start off the week. It’s my first Revlon product I’ve purchase and the first time I spent more than a $3 on an eyeliner (and Revlon was on sale too!). Because of the purchase, I’ve decided to come up with this entry.

My history with eyeliners were horrible. Back in highschool, I used pencil eyeliners and because I didn’t know how to put it on… I covered my eyelid with the entire thing and by the end of school hours, it was smudged. I eventually learned to just line my eyes but the pencil will still smudge whenever I blink. Eventually, I purchased a liquid eyeliner from a local Daiso (a Japanese $2 store) store. From then on, my eyelining skills have improved a lot and I cannot complete a look without it.

Ever Bilena liquid eyeliner: This was the first liquid eyeliner I’ve ever purchased and it was only $2 from my local Daiso store. I didn’t want to spend $7-10 on a product I wasn’t sure I could use. I don’t tell people I purchased it from Daiso (and don’t worry, it’s a reliable place to make up products) because I don’t want to get lectured about purchasing bad make up products. In honesty, from the moment I opened it til the moment I finished the bottle, it has done me no harm. I love this product because the brush was thick so it wouldn’t bend when I started to apply the eyeliner, but at the same time it didn’t give me extremely thick lines. The liquid was extremely dark, dried quickly and never smudged no matter how long I wore it for and how much I rubbed my eyes. It was water resistant too! Score: 5/5 – as a beginner, the product was extremely easy to use/apply and it was cheap too!

Revlon Colour Stay Liquid Eyeliner Pen: LOVE LOVE LOVE! Super dark and slides on smoothly. The point is a bit sharp when I want to do finer detailing but otherwise, a switch to a pen liquid liner is definitely the best choice I’ve made.

Landis Eyeliner Pen: I purchased it under the impression it was a liquid eyeliner as the description said. When I finally came around to using it, it turned out to be an extremely dull pencil liner that looks like liquid. I was satisfied that it didn’t smudge compared to all the other pencils I’ve used BUT then again, it wasn’t as dark as my previous pencils. Score: 0/5 – liquid or pencil, it’s extremely dull.

e.l.f. liquid eyeliner: We don’t have e.l.f. here in Canada so I purchased this in America for $1 (?!?!?!) after hearing so many positive reviews about e.l.f.. I was extremely excited to finally getting around to using it but ended up extremely disappointed. The brush was so thin, it had no strength. As soon as I started applying the liner, the brush bends instantly in whatever direction it wants and doesn’t glide smoothly. The brush was so thin and flimsy, it made it extremely messy and uncomfortable to use. However, the liquid was smooth, dark and dried quickly. For a dollar, I’m not complaining it as a waste of money, but I guess I expected more. Score: 1/5 – cheap and the liquid was nice but the brush was too thin and flimsy. 

And that concludes my small history of liquid eyeliners. Do you guys have a favourite liquid eyeliner to recommend me? What was your adventures with eyeliners like? Let me know!

*Disclaimer: This is not a paid review. The opinions
written above is based on my own experiences provided by my own money. I
am no way affiliated with the company in any way.

Product Review: Braun Silk-epil 3

Hello! I’m here to talk about.. hair removal
And, let’s not kid ourselves – we all have and I don’t see why people are so embarrassed by it.
We all have different preferences on hair removal, and it was only recently that I tried an epilator. I started off with Nair hair removal and then switched over to shaving. I have yet to try waxing and to be honest, I don’t think I will ever wax given that A) I can’t bring myself to pay $30+ for hair removal every few weeks, B) I am socially awkward, especially when I haven’t done it before and finally C) I just think it’s waaaaaaaay to painful… 😦 
So, after watching a few reviews about epilators, I grabbed the Braun Silk-epil 3 on sale from my local drugstore and between you and I… I left it unused for about a month or so after purchasing it because I was too scared of the pain. (Yes, I have a low pain tolerance!) 
For those who don’t know what an epilator is, it’s an electronic hair removal device with many little tweezers that pulls many of your hair out of your root. Amount of tweezers differ from device to device, from as low as 20 tweezers to perhaps even 60 (or higher!). I believe all devices have speed settings and that usually contributes to the pain factor too.
I’m a lazy person and after a few weeks into summer, I realized how much of a hassle to shave my legs almost every other day or so just so it’ll stay smooth. I don’t mind little stubbles throughout the rest of the year but once it’s summer, I like my legs smooth, no stubbles whatsoever. 
When I finally got up the courage to use the device, I hopped into the shower and exfoliated my legs with an exfoliating body wash and a loofah (yay for loofahs!). A lot of users recommend exfoliating and making sure there’s no moisturize or skin cream on your legs.
At first use, I chose speed 1 in hopes it wouldn’t be that painful. My little device has a mini built in light to help me see if I missed any hair. I started at ankle area and the front of my leg where there’s not a lot of flesh covering the bones (or at least, for me). At first the 20 tweezers going at speed 1 caught a few hair and it wasn’t as painful as I thought it was. I ran it up a few more inches where more hair grows and started feeling the epilator working. 
Take it from someone with low pain tolerance… when I say it isn’t painful or not as painful, it really isn’t. On a scale of 10, perhaps 4. Eventually after a few minutes, I eventually got used to the “pain” and ran it up and down my leg continuously without paying much attention.
Now, if you have hair on the back of your leg, it might hurt just a BIT more than the front but nothing you can’t handle. 
The little device also has massaging rollers which reduces the pain dramatically. Because I chose speed 1, it did take a while until I was satisfied with the results. I believe Speed 2 will work more efficiently, but that’s another time.
The hair didn’t start growing back until 2 1/2 to 3 weeks later which made my lazy butt extremely satisfied. 
Also, as a tip, I like to use my free hand to pull the area of the skin before running the epilator across it. I find it helps a lot with the pain and the pressure from my other hand feels good. 
I haven’t tried it on my underarms (I might soon… shaving them daily is a hassle :/), or on my arms as I don’t feel the need to use it on my arm. I haven’t tried it on my face (upper lips) was I shave the upper lip and finally, I don’t think I will ever work up the courage to use it around my bikini area.
Overall, if you have an epilator on sale and you’re getting tired of shaving, I would definitely grab one. Not only does it save you time throughout the weeks, it’s not as painful as people make it and the results are great. And if you’re one to head to spas/salons to get waxed, this thing will save you hundreds of dollars per year!

*Disclaimer: This is not a paid review. The opinions
written above is based on my own experiences provided by my own money. I
am no way affiliated with the company in any way.