5 Things to Consider About WordPress (from a casual blogger'sperspective)

Here’s the thing. I can go on and on about the lovely features of WordPress and why you should transfer your blog to self hosted WP but you’ve probably read 10 million articles gushing about the same features.

Admittedly, I was attracted to self hosted WordPress for the features. I jumped the gun without thinking much of the other things that comes with the WordPress package. I don’t regret it. Blogging is a huge passion of mine so I chose to invest in WordPress.

I am a casual blogger. I’m a full time student so blogging isn’t my job. I don’t earn money off my blog (aside from $0.01 from my Google Adsenses) or ten thousand sample products. I don’t speak fluent HTML or CSS – I Google all the codes I need to customize the blog I want. I don’t have fancy web designing/graphics skills. And I don’t have 10k followers. Blogging is a passion of mine but I do it casually and for myself.

If you classify yourself as a “casual blogger” , here’s five things to consider when switching over to self hosted WordPress.

1. The Cost

If your blog isn’t aimed at generating an income of some sort, then your hobby for blogging just got slightly more expensive. You can host a WP blog without breaking the bank but compared to free Blogger or just a yearly fee to have a domain name, the cost is something to consider about self hosted WP.

On top of the hosting fees, you should consider the price of WordPress themes. They’re much more expensive than a traditional Blogger template. For example, an average Blogger theme from a well known designer can cost about $150 (entire custom design) where as an entire WP theme can run you up about $500! Aside from premium themes, some best or custom plug-ins can cost you some money too.

Back on Blogger, I paid about $10/year. $10 for my domain name and I designed my own Blogger template. Since switching over to WordPress, my expenses have gone up to $60/year plus any additional themes I would buy in the future (which is unlikely).

2. HTML/CSS… and PHP

You’ve read that WP is extremely customizable and yes, it’s true… if you know how to design a blog. I know the basic of HTML and CSS but don’t talk to me about PHP. I didn’t think it’d be THIS bad but yes, I would say you have to know more than the basics of coding for WP if you want to tweak your theme a bit.

Don’t get me wrong. Most themes on WP have a simple customizer feature that allows you to edit basic stuff such as site title, widget placements and logo/banner. But if you want to center your entire menu or adjust the width of your blog, you’ll have to go into your theme’s files and start tweaking it a bit. It get’s confusing when your basic knowledge of HTML is bolding, underlining, etc.

3. Strict Designs

Adding to the ability to speak fluent codes, if you’re like me and sort of just want a template for your blog and be able to upload a lovely banner, tweak the colours to match your banner and call it day… well, that’ll be tough.

Back on Blogger, I used the Simple Template. I made a new banner every now and then and edit the colours and fonts on my blog to everything looks nice. On WP, very few themes that I came across takes headers. Many of them are aimed towards businesses so they allow you to upload a 150×150 but not your fancy 875×346 banner. If it does, it might look distorted. The best way is to design a header that is based on the recommended pixel sizes that theme suggests. Sometimes it works out but most of the time it’s just testing your creativity habits.

To fully customize your blog, you’ll have to pay for premium themes or learn to code/design a WP blog.

4. Limited Support

Remember how you can easily Google your question and it’d give fool proof tutorials/CSS codes for Blogger to get your blog the way you want it to look? You can’t do that with WP (unless it’s with an extremely popular WP theme such as twentytweleve or twentyeleven). Sure you can send an e-mail to your theme’s designer but most free themes would not have support. And while there is a chance that someone is asking the same question, there’s a high chance that the solution won’t work with your theme for many reasons.

There are so many sites that are dedicated to customizing Blogger and tips and tricks for Bloggers. Those sites rarely exist for WP and if they do, sometimes it gets confusing because all themes are different!

5. Viruses and Deleted Sites

Plugins? Super fun! I love checking out the plugins page and see which ones I can download. Same with themes! If I’m not in the mood to make a new header, I can easily transform the blog into a nicely coded site without any graphics (and without doing the work :P). So, if you’re not gifted in Photoshop, don’t worry – WordPress has SO many beautiful themes that are text based only that gives your blog a different and beautiful look.

That being said, the more you download for your blog, the higher the chances of getting a virus. There’s also risks of hackers targeting WordPress blogs. There’s a chance of deleting your entire blog with a push of a button. You can easily mess up your blog if you mistakenly delete part of a code. You can corrupt your blog if you accidentally delete a file.

It’s scary.

But WordPress is so fun and so amazing! Despite my limitations, I don’t regret switching over to WordPress. I’m currently taking coding classes online to help with my blog. I’m learning more about WordPress everyday. The list of features that everyone raves about is definitely worth it even with the tedious backstage work.

Blogger Blocks… sigh.

My life is not interesting enough to share crazy stories everyday.

For me, that’s the downside of having a life blog.. I mean, if I was ever remotely good with beauty, I’ll probably be posting reviews, trends, tutorials, etc.

But alas, I can’t even put on clown make-up..

So, to break this block, I’d do what I do best when I haven’t posted in a while..
I make a pretty list of what is going on with my life.
  • My job searching isn’t going well… it’s been one month since I left my previous job and despite applying to a lot places, very few called back and those that I had an interview with, they didn’t accept me 😦 (I just realized the way I present myself in an interview has changed dramatically which I think contributed to companies not hiring me.. gotta reevaluate my interview skills again)
  • In the past few days, I’ve had the worst few days of my life. I will share the story eventually but right now I’m still absorbing the fact that that happened to me.
  • While spending time with D., I’ve started to get the meaning of true friendship and sadly enough, at the end of the day, I’ve been constantly thinking about my friends and I hate to admit it, but they’re nothing compared to D.’s friends. Which I’ve been getting to know a bit more now.
  • Remember Mia? When I got Mia, I have never been around a cat or touched one in my life. So after about a week with Mia, I’ve noticed I’m sneezing a lot more, runny noses and stuffy nose whenever I’ve played with her or she’s around… so that means I need to put her up for adoption 😦
  • School’s school. I get along with most of my classmates compared to when I first started the class.
  • And finally, as of right now, I think I’m developing a cold… or I’m just super allergic to my surroundings.

How do I break it down that I'm a personal blogger?

Have any of you guys ever experienced this awkward moment when you’re conflicted to telling the person you’re dating that you’re a blogger? Regardless if you’re a lifestyle, beauty, photography blogger… the fact that you just own a blog.

This blog is probably the only social media outlet that I don’t share with people I know in real life (and if you’ve managed to stumble across it, that’s fine). I don’t care if the person I’m dating has access to my Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

But when it comes to blogging… I don’t know, I like to keep it to myself.

Not because I trash talk people, but in a sense that everything here is personal to me. I share these with people that don’t know me personally, but still know me virtually… does that make sense? o_O

But of course, if I can’t tell “him”/”her”, what’s the point of blogging it?

I don’t know.. I just want to document my thoughts and life!

So, I’ve been seeing this guy, ‘D’ for about… 3-4 weeks? He makes me happy :3

I sometimes have this paranoia that he somehow stumbled across my blog… how, I don’t know since this link is removed off every social media profile.

And compared to me hanging out with all my other friends, whenever I hang out with D. I feel super shy with my camera… like I can’t “camwhore”, take scenery photos, take foodies, and random photos because he’d ask why I take so many photos! Actually, he did mentioned I take like a billion photos…

With my other friends, I snap away and they don’t care. I think they know I’m into social medias (and some knows I blog.. but that’s besides the point). With D, I just feel so shy because I have this fear of judgement that he’ll judge me based on this blog.

Have you bloggers felt.. shy/nervous/afraid/etc. of your date finding you have a blog?

And that you document a lot of daily life and take photos like crazy?

If so, how did you come around it?